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Oct 25, 2015 11:37 AM ET

Archived: CURIOUS ONES IN THE HUNT FOR TREASURE: Contribute towards publishing a book for muslim children to learn and play

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 25, 2015


What is our goal?

The book “(“Curious ones in the hunt for treasure“) is something new, something that will help our young ones appreciate Islam even more.  The stories in this book are unique, told in every kids language where each character speaks to them directly.  This is what we want to achieve:

We want to teach our young ones Islam in a much more colorful and interesting way.

We want to promote good behavior in Muslim children so that they develop a strong character and identity.

Make Islamic concepts easy and interesting for children.

Empower children by providing them with stories of characters that represent them.

Use stunning illustrations to keep children engaged with the story.

Have fun and learn at the same time.

Print the book in the most professional way so it can be preserved for longer period.

Build healthy family relationships  (include parents in reading the stories to their children and further discussing the beauty of Islam to them).

What is it all about?

“Radoznalci u potrazi za blagom” (“Curious ones in the hunt for treasure“) is a book in Bosnian language that has 21 stories of different topics.  Some of the stories are:

*My first Ramadan

*Good deeds get rewarded

*The importance of dua

*Don’t forget Allah

*Muslims are brothers

*Trip to a sacred land

These stories aim to promote values such as making dua to Allah, reading the Quran, praying, learning about Mekka and Medina, piety, generosity, respecting parents and the elderly, sharing, kindness, kind speech, reading and much more. This is done through  characters children can easily relate to, beautiful illustrations, heartfelt stories so it creates a reading experience like no other for young Muslim kids. After every story there are several points (morals of the stories) that are related to Quran and hadith.

What is NEW?

The aim is to make learning fun.  RIGHT?  That is why we created a GAME for our children. What is the catch?  To be able to play the game children will NEED TO READ THE BOOK FIRST.  Why?  The answers will be hidden in the stories.  

The game  consists of questions that will make a player go one step ahead (or if told otherwise) if it is answered correctly.   All the questions are based on questions about Islam, hadith.

Parents will also have fun with their children playing the game, should they decide to join in.  And yes, they too might test their knowledge by answering the questions.

Where do your funds go?

The funds collected from this campaign will be used for paying the cost of illustration and design, word editors, publishing, postage for the rewards as well as processing fees for LaunchGood.

What can you also do?

Make dua that Allah swt accepts this effort so the results await us in the Hereafter.

Share this project on your Facebook wall, Twitter, email your friends, family…  The more people we get to share this project, the quicker we will raise our goal.

WAIT!  There’s more!

The initial funding will be used for publishing, illustrations…, as mentioned.  Once we have published our book, the funds that we receive from sale will be used to a special cause.  The money will go directly to building a WELL in AFRICA! 

You can find more information on building a well in Africa in this web page:


So be the one who donates for a book for our young ones that will teach them Islam.  And also be a part of those who will contribute in building a well for those in need.  Be the one that receives continuous rewards  that will not only benefit you in this life, but will continue to benefit you after our death.


Melisa Ćosić-Hodžić

Email: melidali@gmail.com

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/meli.sa.739

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PRI%C4%8CE-ZA-male-Radoznalce-702211426502052/timeline/

If you would like to send you donations through a bank here are the details:

Melisa Ćosić-Hodžić

Account number: HO496449101

SWIFT: UNCRBA22IBAN: BA393387 2028 7730 4116


Contact Information:

Melisa Ćosić-Hodžić

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