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Oct 25, 2015 1:08 PM ET

Archived: Chrone: an idea for a sci fi drama

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 25, 2015


The story of the project

in 2013, I was sitting around watching TV and at the time I was so obsessed with thinking of ideas for tv shows, and then all of a sudden an idea for a sci fi drama show hit me. Adding that human element to sci fi is something I think is amazing to behold (one look at my dvd collection and it becomes clear)  so i kept working on that basic structure. I was so excited to tell the story of the characters who’s names have become George, Gwen and Jack  that I could not stop brainstorming and tinkering and ranting to my friends about it, (in particular Regina Sutomo who has signed on as Co-Writer) until it was a fully finished idea for a 3 season show.

Unfortunately, that would cost Jay-Z money that I don’t have so I thought of other ways I could tell the story. That inevitably led me to graphic novels, a medium I love for its style and its subtle but important influences it has on the world of film and television. I then began to create a chapter format for the story and have finished it with a total of 15 chapters (which are like episodes). A few months ago I met Wilson Duong, a graphic artist who was looking to collaborate. We sat down and I told him the story and he really liked it. Since then we’ve been in heavy communication to get the characters looking right, getting some of the icons looking right, this is what i sent Wilson –
And he hits back with – 

So yes, Wilson is amazing.
I’m really excited to take this leap and produce something that comes from the result of my habit of thinking about things for too long and developing them to insane lengths without acting on them. This idea feels strong enough that I have no choice but to see it through as far as I can and I can’t wait to get started, but I can’t produce it without the help that this campaign can provide, so I’m hoping that this can be the next step on the road to completion!

How the funds will be used

The funds will be used for a variety of things. Firstly, to pay Wilson my artist for his time and effort, something I don’t take for granted as all his work so far is outstanding and I can’t imagine trying to make him do this for nothing. Other things the funds will be used for is promoting Chrone and hosting a website to publish it on, as well as to create limited edition prints of each chapter.

– $5000 will be used to produce as much of the 15 chapters of Chrone as possible, allowing my production team to spend their time and energy and get something back from it.

-$1000 will be used to promote Chrone on social media, to host a website for publishing it and to hire out the studio at Ma Petite Coquette Boudoir to do photoshoots for character reference images. 

Ideally, by the time the funds are used up either Chrone will be finished, or will have found a way to make its own money to keep it going.



Working to a release schedule with 2 writers and one artist is tricky, it will be hard to release the chapters steadily with so little labour at hand. To address this i’m shortly going to put out the call for production assistants and more artists (who can focus on colouring, backgrounds and polishing so that wilson could potentially only need to do sketches) to divide the work up that way makes sense to me. Another method to speed up production will be to have reference image photoshoots where my character models will pose in various positions and be shot in various angles and expressions to match my chapter blueprint, giving Wilson clear ideas of what he has to do.
Contact Information:

Anthony Smallwood

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