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Oct 24, 2015 11:34 AM ET

Archived: The Songs That Saved Your Life: THE SONGS THAT SAVED YOUR LIFE: true stories, big moments, life-changing songs

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 24, 2015

Hey friends. And friends of friends. Drew Newkirk here.

I have a little secret to tell you.

I’m working on a show. Yes, a show. Lights, cameras, the works. And I’m dying to tell you all about it. But first, let me reveal something that’s so not a secret.

I love music.

Mainly, I love dancing to it. But I also love talking about it, and listening to others talk about it. And, being a psychotherapist, I suppose I can’t help myself but explore the meaning music has played in people’s lives. Thankfully, I’ve found I’m not alone. Plenty of you non-psychotherapist types dig it too. My brother, Chris, for example. So much so that he created the idea of this show with and for me.

So, yeah, there will be lots of talk about what music means to people on this show of mine. And, moreover, how music has helped people heal, move on, step up…live.

So, I guess we’re talking about the show now. 

THE SONGS THAT SAVED YOUR LIFE is a show about music. And healing. The lyrics to “Rubber Ring” by The Smiths go, “don’t forget the songs that made you cry, and the songs that saved your life.” It’s a universal phenomenon—accessible to anyone, experienced by almost everyone. For as long as it’s been made, music has healed. For many of us, before there was a therapist’s office, there’s been that song. Who better to help people explore the very real power of that song than a music-loving psychotherapist (ME!). So I’ll be sitting down with someone different each show to talk with him or her about that song — the one that saved their life.

No, it’s not your typical chat show. While it’s not quite a therapy session, I’m hoping that as a trained psychotherapist, I’m able to mine more than your typical anecdotes. And the point of the show here will be to explore each dark valley and the power of each piece of music that guided our guests out of said valley.

So, we’ve already started filming season one. In fact, it’s almost complete. And we’ve got some amazing guests and stories to share with you. 

But as much as I’m learning about how powerful a role music plays in our lives, I’m learning about the tremendous effort it takes to do a show like this, and do it well. 

Which is where you come in.

In order for us to wrap up season one, and move on to the next, we need your help. This isn’t some youtuber webcam-y show. I’ve partnered with an amazing production team called Colormatics (maybe some of you know the Colormatics twins themselves, Chris and Sean?) and to keep on keeping on as we have, we need to raise, at a minimum, $25,000. And if we don’t meet this goal, we don’t keep any of what we raised. And, as I’m the freakishly optimistic sort, we’re hoping to raise even more.

We need this to cover the production of the show, start paying the crew (!!!), bring in more great guests, market it to potential viewers, maybe produce an accompanying podcast. The list is long, friends. Long story short, the more we raise, the more seasons we shoot.

So, to keep the dream alive, I need your help. And a little bit of your money. BUT I don’t just want to take your money. I want to earn it. And I want to have fun earning it. Really, I want us both to have fun. And I want us both to feel rewarded too.

So check it out.

On the right hand column of this page we’ve compiled a list of cool, fun things that you’ll get in return for your pledge dollars. 

The true rockers out there will probably notice we named each after a classic album, you know, in keeping with the theme and all. Anyway, you can simply pledge $15 for some badass buttons or, on the other end of the spectrum, you can meet me at Graceland. Um, yeah. Good times.

So, let’s have some fun together, shall we? I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

Thanks in advance for being a part of this and making this entertaining, encouraging show happen! 

Oh, and please share with your friends. If only to get them psyched about viewing if not pledging.

Stay tuned for more updates,


Contact Information:

Drew Newkirk, Chris Newkirk, Colormatics

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