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Oct 24, 2015 1:58 PM ET

Archived: Save the Arts in Schools: Cultivate creative minds

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 24, 2015

Save the Arts in Schools: Cultivate creative minds

   Donor Levels: How your contribution can help!

          $5        – purchase 1 light for TV set

          $10      – contribute 1 can of paint for set design

          $25      – give paper & ink for magazine production

          $50      – grant a 1-month subscription for Creative Adobe Suite

                       (video editing software/ magazine layouts)

          $75      – provide microphones for performances

          $150    – bestow 1 DSLR video camera lens

          $250    – endow a reburbished computer 

          $500    – fund classrooms for 1-month

          $1,000 – subsidize heath insurance for musicians for 1-year

Who is This Is Noteworthy and what do we do?


This Is Noteworthy is a nonprofit education incubator promoting media and creative arts. High School Students, College Apprentices, & Real World Professional work together for 8-months to:

  1. create, film & produce a 30-min television show that airs weekly.
  2. create, design & produce a bi-annual 200pg international music magazine.
  3. create, organize & produce the largest curated music running event in the US.
  4. raise money to subsidize health insurance for creatives.

The Long Version…

This Is Noteworthy is a non-profit education incubator that supports and encourages the collective and collaborative growth of the music/ entertainment industry ecosystem providing media, health, education, and creative place-making programs for students, and young creative professionals. 


An ecosystem is an interconnected network in which members both support and rely on each other. The live music ecosystem encompasses a broad range of creative professionals. This Is Noteworthy fosters connection and education between the musicians, venues, audio professionals, designers, media professionals, attorneys, and accountants who breathe life into this ecosystem. These creative professionals enrich the community at large, support the local economy, and attract visitors to the area who spend their money at local businesses.


This Is Noteworthy supports these important individuals through multiple efforts. Our media program includes Found magazine and Found TV, and BalconyTV. These media programs provide promotional outlets for musicians and work opportunities for writers, editors, graphic designers, videographers, audio professionals, and publicists. The educational portion of the organization hosts music industry seminars, camps for middle and high school students, and internship and apprenticeship for students. These programs have far-reaching impacts on the ecosystem, providing creative professionals with knowledge necessary for managing their careers and learning opportunities for the next generation of musicians, venue owners, music journalists, and others within the industry.


CHARM – the Charleston Health Alliance for Regional Musicians – is the way This Is Noteworthy invests in the wellbeing of the live music ecosystem. Through CHARM, we provide insurance premium subsidies, a catastrophic healthcare fund, and a wellness network to members. The music/ entertainment industry ecosystem is traditionally unserved when it comes to health programs, and CHARM touches every corner of this network.


To stay alive, the music/ entertainment industry ecosystem needs to consistently be replenished with new talent. This Is Noteworthy’s creative place-making programs match the right candidates with the right opportunities. Our educational programs are pivotal in training and identifying talented individuals, and our job referral efforts and directory of creative industry employers ensure that the industry continues to thrive and grow.

Contact Information:

This Is Noteworthy

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