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Oct 24, 2015 10:19 AM ET

Archived: CÃOVIVER SPACE: Rescues abandoned animals, gives a home, helps them physically and psychologically

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 24, 2015


CãoViver exists for four years and since then it rescued hundreds of street animals, hoping to find a home for all of them. Rescues abandoned animals, gives a home, helps them physically and psychologically to recover and make sure they are are adopted by someone that really cares. It also has a social role in society, trying to send a message to children, adults and seniors of what´s going on in animal causes. The association’s work is completely voluntary, participating in dozens of events and campaigns each year in order to be able to maintain the support of the association. Unfortunately the place that the association called “home” was a target of a complaint because is not capable of being legalized and the association was forced to leave the place, subjecting their animals to another change. The place where the animals are currently is a temporary place, so it is urgent to rise again a “home”: the CãoViver Shelter.

In order to keep up the work we have been doing since we started, we will need a lot of help because it is very expensive to build a shelter with everything that is mandatory.

Interior Zone

  • Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Workshop room
  • Office
  • Local storage material
  • Food storage facility
  • Bathroom
  • Ward

Outdoor area

3 zones for dogs

  • Zone for healthy dogs
  • Quarantine zone 
  • Maternity (for pregnant dogs and puppies)
  • Recreation/ Park

1 area for the cats



CãoViver is a non-governmental non-profit organization legally incorporated on February 20, 2012 with CAE 94,995 and with legal person number 510 176 780.

The organization is from the north of Portugal, Porto.

CãoViver works exclusively on a voluntary basis and mainly subsist on private donations. 

The object of the association is to protect the animals.

Cãoviver in the Portuguese media

– Reportagem SIC  

– Rádio Nova 

Praça RTP 

Videos about CãoViver

Video about the shelter that was until last week our home (2014) 

Videos about the animals of CãoViver 

– English Video – Help CãoViver 

Contact Information:


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