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Oct 23, 2015 8:43 AM ET

Archived: Teleguru: Conquering a market of 58 million active SIM cards

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 23, 2015


What is Teleguru?

Teleguru.pl is a “telecom Mecca”, a website where everything about the Polish telecom industry is gathered in one place. The slogan “On wie co dla Ciebie najlepsze” (He knows what’s best for you) reveals our business concept – analyzing, reviewing and recommending the hundreds of phones, tablets, offers, promotions etc. that millions of Polish customers are comparing and buying each year. Despite having merely two part-time workers I’ve managed to create the most complete website about telecommunication in Poland, growing from20.000 unique users to more than 130.000 in the last 6 months – without any marketing, PR or SEO expenses at all!

Our investor proposal

With your support and my experience and passion for telecom industry we’ll create a website like no other. Our short-term goal is fully possible – at least 1 million unique users and positive EBITDA within one year. This will be achieved by my great contact network, a completely redesigned website with a new CMS that is highly focused on monetizing the traffic, a team of experienced editors and lots of new, unique features e.g. the world’s first “Product advisor” (a full list of what’s been published and what hasn’t (with examples) can be found in the attached business plan).

We have a proven concept that has been praised by both visitors and industry players. In May Forbes Poland published a two page article about Teleguru and we’ve already been asked about strategic partnerships by major e-shops, hardware producers and operators. We therefore search investors for a very dynamic growth.

The upcoming years we’ll expand to other industries (e.g. Internet, TV and power) and other markets. I have already registered more than 30 top-notch domains so our long-term strategy will be decided by market demands, together with our investors.

The history of Teleguru.pl

I started working on the project after I resigned from Samsung almost two years ago. With just my own personal savings and the urge to launch the website as quickly as possible, I made the mistake of hiring a very inexpensive team of programmers to create the website. When we finally launched the website in October 2014 we faced numerous problems for several months. After half a year we had merely 20.000 unique users / month so I decided to change our programmers. The new team was multiple times better and most of our problems were solved.

Despite having just 2 part time workers, a very slow server and no marketing, PR or SEO expenses at all we currently have more than 130.000 unique users each month! It’s worth mentioning that our traffic is of considerably higher quality than our competitors – 69% are older than 25 years and almost half are women. Our phone reviews and offer analyses have more than 150.000 unique page views per month so we’re reaching a huge amount of potential customers. As a comparison for our Swedish investors – Aftonbladet’s Mobilio.se has only 9.000 visitors / month. Until now we’ve been mainly focused on creating content and new types of website elements, but with a new website all focus will be on increasing the traffic and monetizing it.

Current situation

Teleguru has been moved from Poland to a Swedish stock company (aktie bolag). As opposed to Sweden, coaching and business mentors are extremely hard to find and expensive in Poland. Since both countries are a part of EU, we’ll open a Polish local branch in order to greatly reduce the staff costs. To be able to succeed with our goals we need your financial support, but the right know-how will be highly valued. I’m a great listener and I’m always open to suggestions and new ideas so I will prioritize those investors who have experience in websites, e-commerce etc.

The main problems that we are solving

  • Before Teleguru was launched there was no telecom website for the average Polish consumer. While our competitors were (and still are) focusing on either “tech geeks” or people from the industry, we are the only telecom website that’s mainly targeting average consumers with medium and low technical knowledge.

  • Operator services in Poland are incredibly complex and difficult to compare. Information given in commercials and advertisements is often misleading and there are lots of hidden costs. We analyze offers and promotions, explain them in the most simple way and recommend better alternatives so that they can make the right decision (a bit like the Swedish “Råd & Rön”).

  • Polish e-shops have around 600 different phones and tablets in their assortment. Since most smartphones are almost identical to the majority of consumers they have an extremely hard time choosing the product that is optimal for them. The same goes for tablets, smart watches and mobile accessories. According to research more than 90% of all phones sold in Poland are based on recommendations by others, most of these are from Internet reviews. Teleguru is providing the most objective and trustworthy reviews available, focusing on user benefits instead of specifications so that even those with limited technical knowledge can understand them.

  • Since there is no requirement to show the total cost of phone and commitment together, most customers choose their operator and plan based on the initial phone price. Our unique Phone price advisor will allow visitors to instantly find the cheapest option among thousands of combinations.

  • Our competitors offer very few features meaning that you need to visit different websites to find information about news, reviews, specifications, promotions, phone prices, apps etc.Teleguru will gather everything about operators, promotions, hardware producers, games & apps in one single place.

  • According to research, 78% of all mobile phone owners in Poland have no or very limited IT knowledge. We have more than 40 educational articles and guides about telecom ready to be published

  • Millions of mobile games and apps makes it very hard finding the great ones. We’ll post daily reviews (200 are already prepared) and introduce an unique mobile games and app advisor.

What we will use funds for?

Currently there are two things that stops us from growing much more rapidly. We have an incapacity to accept new projects and business propositions until we hire more staff. The biggest challenge though is the CMS (content management system) of the website which was planned and programmed incorrectly from the very beginning by our previous programmers. An outdated design that’s not mobile-friendly, no SEO and an extremely slow, shared server are just a few of the things that have given us the lowest possible Google PageRank (0/10). Fortunately, for the last year I’ve been gathering feedback from visitors, experts, business partners and editors what is good / bad / missing. The list of planned improvements is very long and it will take 8-12 weeks of hard work to prepare everything for the re-launch, but then we’ll have a website that no competitor can match in terms of content, features and design.

Contact Information:

Filip Wisnander

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