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Oct 23, 2015 2:31 PM ET

Ambiance Cosmetics Helping keep homes clean and busy women look their best

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 23, 2015

We use premium ingredients in all of our products for superior results, and exceeding customers expectations is our standard. Our goal is simple; keep homes clean with less effort, and help busy women look their best…instantly.


Ambiance and CPR consumer goods outperform every competitor’s products in the marketplace. We’re changing the standard from “clean enough” to “sparkling”; we require no extra effort, but rather facilitate maximum impact from existing routines by providing better, more reliable products.


Cleaning Products Over Promise And Under Deliver

Nothing is more frustrating than being duped by excellent advertising. You try something new, but oddly it requires the same amount of effort to yield the same results. So you buy even more products. CPR Cleaning Products puts an end to the vicious cycle of consumers wasting their money. 

But it doesn’t stop with the products you use to clean your home. What about the products you use to keep your hair looking its best?

Reinventing Dry Shampoo
The market is saturated with dry shampoo that use chemicals like alcohol and butane, because it’s the quick and easy way for hair care manufactures to make money. But what about the damage it does to hair?  We’re not in this for the quick dollar, but to build long-term customers that share how well our products work with their family and friends.



CPR Cleaning Products knows that you know how to clean. We just want to support your efforts with high quality products that maximize your impact, so you can focus your efforts on pursuing your dreams instead of chasing down dust bunnies.

One Product From Start To Finish
Our cleaners help you tackle the job, instead of hindering your progress. With all in one products that clean, polish, and renew, you cut down on housework time and minimize the number of products you need to buy.

High Quality, Natural Ingredients
Choosing to use superior ingredients means that every ounce of your purchase goes towards keeping your house clean. There’s no fillers or unnecessary chemicals that don’t belong in your cleaners, or in your home. Our Earth CPR line is made with sustainable ingredients in our commitment to Care, Protect, and Respect the planet.

Dry Shampoos With A Conscience
Our all natural dry shampoos are refreshing, volumizing, and tinted so that you get cleanliness and style without downside of alcohol and other flammable ingredients that dry out and damage hair. And, we use high quality, refillable, non-aerosol applicators to reduce waste and pollution.

Ambiance and CPR aims to change the way people expect their products to perform because the impact of quality can be life-changing. If you could have a cleaner home and a cleaner life, without spending more money or more time working at it, why wouldn’t you?


Currently Leather CPR, Carpet CPR, Granite CPR, Glass CPR, and Furniture CPR are in thousands of retails stores, sold in major box retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Restoration Hardware, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Smart & Final, Ace & True Value Hardware. Millions of units have been sold to an extremely dedicated consumer base, and we continue to expand to other retailers as our products’ success continues to grow.


In addition to our sucess in the United States, we have an international presence in China, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the UK, as our commitment to a higher standard is appealing in all cultures. Consumer feedback validates our choice to use high quality ingredients, because overall, our customer satisfaction is higher than our competitors on platforms such as Amazon.Our goal now is to ensure that we are prepared to handle the production rate required to keep up with our growth. We will also focus on expanding the Ambiance and CPR brands so that we can raise the bar for products in even more areas of people’s lives.

Interested in learning more about what’s next for Ambiance and CPR and how you can help make it happen? Request access to the Business Plan side of this profile and let’s talk!

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