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Oct 22, 2015 12:44 PM ET

Archived: RIM HEALTHCARE STRATEGIES, INC.: to manage global full risk contracts between provider organizations and health plans across the nation

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 22, 2015




We are a Nevada company to manage global full risk contracts between provider organizations and health plans across the nation.

We are offering 40% of the company to our initial investors in this private placement for $3.5 per share, and we are also filing an S-1 to go public within 6 to 8 months.

We are a Nevada company that plans to establish a company to manage global full risk contracts between provider organizations and health plans across the nation. Through the Affordable Care Act the federal government, along with many state governments, is aggressively promoting the passing of health care insurance risk from health plans and MCOs to provider organizations. Evidence of this is the Medicare Shared Savings program, through contracts with Accountable Care Organizations. State governments have undertaken waivered Medicaid redesign programs, with New York being the most aggressive. In New York it is called the DSRIP program. In the waiver approved by CMS, the state has promised that 90% of ALL provider payments in the Medicaid program will be value based. The goal stated in the program documents is to have providers at risk for their services. RIM has formed a relationship with a consulting firm that has a healthcare division, and is actively working to gain access to PPSs, the provider organizations formed under the DSRIP program, to manage their risk contracts.

RIM has begun reaching out to physician owned IPA who are seeking to enter into full risk contracts with health plans. RIM will supply the management expertise to manage the risk successfully in long term contracts of 20 years or more. RIM will poll the primary care providers in the IPA and determine the health plan that has the most members in the PCP practices. RIM will then approach the plan to acquire a global risk contract. RIM Healthcare Strategies, INC has formed relationships with several Faith Based denomination’s leadership. It has proposed to set up an IPA/ACO in New York City that would be owned by the Faith Based organizations. RIM will contract with a Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD) on a full risk basis.


Products / Services

ACO – Accountable Care Organization

The opportunity is to invest in RIM to develop the infrastructure and hire the staff to provide all of the management and services to operate a company formed to manage the risk contracts from all three provider types, under a long term contracts, provides a significant opportunity for gains in stock process from strong multiples of earnings and strong earnings. RIM will negotiate to be paid 3% of the premium for management services and 50% of the IPA/ACO or PPS profits, as an operating bonus. RIM will then facilitate contracts between the ACO/IPA or PPS and the MAPD plan a in a full risk contract to provide all of the benefits contained in the MAPD benefit plans, for a CMS required 85% of premium. Additionally, RIM will contract to provide several administrative services which regulations place in the administrative 15% of premium, which include provider relations, contracting, credentialing, grievances and appeals, fraud and abuse and compliance.

Contact Information:

Andy Adamson

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