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Oct 22, 2015 11:38 AM ET

NattPasset – Entrance to your local entertainment: Your local nightlife entertainment at one place!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 22, 2015

NattPasset – Entrance to your local entertainment is the easiest way to the party

Reserve your spot at the dance floor! and the mobile friendly app NattPasset for IOS and Android devices will make your night out a nice, smooth and pleasant experience you won’t forget!

Through you can pre-purchase the entrance ticket and skip the line to the hottest clubs, reserve a table at the best restaurants and get information on where to find the best late night snack. Just choose what you want to do with your evening, buy the ticket with your smart device and simply show it at the door for direct access to the party. When you’re ready, move on to your next location or go with the flow and find out where the best party is through live updates in the app. Where are you heading? – more party less waiting!


Unfortunately the release of our Iphone app has been delayed a few days If you have Iphone with IOS 9 you’re gonna have to wait a couple of days before you can download the app.

While you wait please visit our website: for more information about us!

Have Android?

Then you’re lucky! You can download our app for Android right now! for businesses – a shortcut to the satisfied and paying guest

By allowing customers to pre-purchase entrance tickets, nightclubs and event organizers can now secure revenue days and hours before the actual event. is the web based ticket service created as a sales tool and communication platform for night clubs, restaurants and other event organizers.

With the website and mobile application for IOS and Android devices, connected clients can communicate with desired target group and offer a clear call to action to increase immediate transactions. Not only does it boost sales by offering preemption tickets, it also gives the client a possibility to plan resources needed, handle entrance tickets, set up guest lists, and send marketing massages and more through their account at

By setting up an account at clients get direct access to a large network of guests who have signed up and are ready to party. Partners also get facts on visitors and information about behavior and demographics. This can then be adapted to suit chosen target group when setting up a new event with’s easy-to-use ticket sales tool. With a strong consumer focus and an understanding of a guest’s complete sales and demands, is a great way of offering added value to the customer experience, keep them happy and make them return! for guests – a shortcut to the party

Relevant events will be presented to you when connected to as a guest user based on interest, demographical and geographical information. It will offer an immediate way of purchasing ticket for direct access to desirable happenings without standing in line.

Buy the entrance in advance, simply show your smart device at the door and get the party started! Treated more or less as a VIP-guest this will add value to the experience of going out, making the complete nightlife journey smoother and problem free. Guest users will also get exclusive offers from events, clubs, restaurants and places suitable to their profile and along with connected partners it is easy to set up the perfect evening, from the front door and back again. Spend less time waiting, more time having fun and get the value for your money that you really want!

The problem we are solving

With so much continuously going on in our largest cities and so many decisions to be made, a smooth night out that is just fun is rare. Often you hear about friends getting denied at the door, you can’t make up your mind on where to go for party or the club you have been longing for all week is suddenly full. Many event organizers are unable to offer pre-ticket services or accurate guest lists because of lacking technique or knowledge, a problem that results in a negative experience for the customer. Club guests of today want the full experience from pre-party and dinner trough dance floors and clubs to nightly snacks and a safe trip home. With many possible difficulties along the way the need for a tool that makes the night on town a pleasure is of greatest need.

The entertainment market usually works with traditional methods of communication, handling entrance, setting up guest lists and market events. A lot of those important functions that is core to the business are handled manually with no sales optimization. For example an event organizer rarely knows in advance how many guests will show up, what target group to aim at for a specific event or how to reach them. All of this is based on estimations making it hard to plan crucial metrics like break-even or possible turn overs.

The nightlife market also faces a challenge of keeping up with customers’ demand of personalized experiences and excellent service. In an industry where volume is key providing added value to the individual has become a problem in desperate need of a solution.

The solution

A night out should be fun, easy and smooth, letting guests focus on nothing else but to enjoy. guarantees a great experience by letting users set up their evenings plans in advance, reserve a spot at the dance floor and leave nothing at chance. As a user you don’t have to search the entire web to find a party suitable to your needs, have selected them for you according to personal preferences. As a national and possibly global service will also make sure tourists find their way to the best events in town.

Using event organizers can not only get a better ROI by saving time and get more accurate analyses and calculations. They also have the possibility to move their business towards their consumers and offer them added value as an additional sales point. By digitalizing the way of organizing an event during planning, under and after the process will be streamlined saving both time and money, making the experience more pleasant for the guests. The digital tickets sold in advance and guest lists organized electronically will result in an effective door routine letting more people in and revenues up.

With companies can also co-operate across lines of businesses and offer the guest the complete experience of a night out. This is also a great way to expand the target group and get new guests from other segments for example tourist or dinner guests. is where our clients’ guests are – online. With information about clubs, ticket sales and exclusive offers 24/7 treats every individual as a VIP on behalf of our connected partners.


What we need funding for

Nattpasset is expanding! Within the first two years NattPasset already reached the first goal – becoming profitable. With the successful launch on the Swedish market and profitable partnerships with several customers and partners in cities including Stockholm and Gothenburg it is time to break new grounds. With confidence, realism and a financially strong strategic plan at hand, three new main goals are set:

  1. Increase the number of business customers and guest users in the 15 largest cities in Sweden.
  2. Make the entire platform completely automatic for our business customers. We want our customers to get as much as possible without lifting a finger.
  3. Prepare our product and team for an international launch.

To get there we need to increase our development team with a CTO, put dedicated resources for market analysis and the resources to turn analyze into action. In addition to this we also need to continue marketing Nattpasset in order to maintain user growth.

Contact Information:

Thomas Van Loo
Rickard Engberg

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