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Oct 22, 2015 9:57 AM ET

Blurrt: allows users to listen, analyse, showcase and engage with social audiences in real time

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 22, 2015


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There are numerous challenges for anyone seeking to make sense of social data: to collect what is relevant; filter out the noise; conduct an analysis of the data; find out what influencers are saying or simply pick out the most re-tweeted picture of a celeb. Blurrt enables all this to happen – from the serious to the trivial.

Blurrt is a social media analytics platform which allows customers to understand social conversations, through:
– Curation of data: collecting, filtering, analysing and displaying social data;
– Making overall sense of audience reaction;
– Identifying hotspots in the conversation and key contributors / influencers;
– Showcasing interesting content; &
– An easy to use platform operating in real time.

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We believe that Blurrt is a must have tool for the broadcast media industry to exploit the social TV space. Shows like the X Factor can get thousands of tweets by the minute. You need a tool like Blurrt to capture all these tweets.

Blurrt Insights allows producers to surface audience generated content quickly and easily:
– for online/second screen use;
– for show sponsors;
– for social engagement; &
We do this in real time, 24/7.

Our Live app allows producers of live shows/events to tap into real time social conversations about the show/event. Our easy to use app allows real time tweets or graphics to be used on-screen and to run live Twitter hashtag polls.

We help broadcast media engage with their audience with compelling social content.

Blurrt allows brands and advertising agencies to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.

We are able to track reactions to advertising campaigns in real time allowing brands and Ad agencies to react and make informed decisions almost immediately.

Our insights allow agencies to test audience reactions and shape the future direction of their campaigns accordingly.

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Engaged by GoCompare to measure reactions to TV advertising campaigns.
Engaged by ITV Wales to provide social content & live audience generated content for Rugby World Cup 2015.
Approved by Twitter: Data and public display licences.
Approved by Hootsuite for Enterprise App development.
Live Twitter worm concept developed for LBC and rolled out with ITV Wales and Trinity Mirror Group.
Live social monitoring for BT TV.
Appointed to BBC Digital Services Framework.
Live hashtag voting for BBC3 Freespeech programme.
Live embedded sentiment analysis on screen plus complementary live app for presenter, for Gan y Cymru for S4C.
Global emotional heatmap analysis of live geotagged Instagram posts for Purpose+.
Monitoring analysis and reporting of social data for Alcohol Concern.
Monitoring analysis and reporting of social data for Welsh Government Digital 2014 and 2015.

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Sales – we intend to recruit sales people across broadcast & advertising.

Marketing/PR – we intend to recruit an internal PR/Marketing manager & work with agencies to publicise what we do & how we add value.

Technical Development – we need to stay ahead of competitors & that requires continual technical development of the platform.

People – we need to invest further in our existing staff and recruit in a number of areas as above.

Market – we need to research international markets & other vertical markets beyond broadcast media/advertising/brands.

Contact Information:

Jason Smith
Miles Cook
Anna Dent
Simon Spalding
Nick Miller

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