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Oct 21, 2015 10:29 AM ET

Archived: Strategic Rescue Products: Product manufacturer for the Fire and Rescue Industry

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

At Strategic Rescue Products, we design, develop, manufacture, and distribute life-saving products for the brave men and women who lay their life on the line every day: fire and rescue teams, law enforcement, and the military. Our Grab Harness is already making a difference in the field.


As fires become less and less common, we’re asking more and more of our fire and rescue teams. In Minnesota in 2012, just four percent of emergency calls were fire-related. We’re asking these brave men and women to step into increasingly dangerous situations.

We can do better. Now, we know more about safety, and about the situations we’re asking servicemen and women to enter into. Innovations in this space are happening all over the country… in small shops and garages, where technical breakthroughs and innovative techniques only help a small number of people.


Strategic Rescue Products has created a life-saving harness for rescue workers.

We call it Grab Harness, and it’s changing the life-saving business.

The techniques used today to extract people from dangerous situations all rely on the physical exertion of the rescuer to carry or pull the victim to safety. In short, all the stress and exertion is on the rescuer.


The Grab Harness allows rescue workers to pull a victim to safety with ease.

Here’s how it works: the harness fits around the rescuer’s waist, and the straps are then secured underneath the victim’s arms.

That simple twist allows the majority of the victim’s weight to be shifted to the rescuer’s core, creating significantly more leverage, making it easier to pull the victim to safety. It also keeps the rescuer’s arms free so they can maneuver around obstacles easily.

Using the Grab Harness is more efficient, requires less effort, and puts less strain on the rescuer.

It’s faster. When every second counts, that can save lives.

It requires less energy and strain. That means fewer injuries to rescue workers.

It’s designed to stay out of the way when not in use, and deploy quickly when needed.

Military-grade construction


The Grab Harness is the first product available from Strategic Rescue Products, and it’s resulted in a provisional patent. The feedback is encouraging: in fact, we can’t keep up with demand.

But there are many more problems to be solved, and we’re working on them. We’re in the process of developing:

Grab 2 Harness, which can fully integrate with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

A tactical harness for law enforcement and the military, which integrates into bulletproof vests


Mark Christianson, CEO & Co-Founder
Mark has worked in many roles and industries throughout his career. With Strategic Rescue Products he combines his entrepreneurial, project management, analyst, and business intelligence experience to bear on the varied needs of growing an organization that will save lives and provide unique tools for firefighting, law enforcement, and military personnel. He has been the CEO with SRP since inception, and has led his team in bringing two products to market. The WiRT (Water ice Rescue Tool) and the Grab Harness, Grab 2 Harness, and Tactical Harness. He was instrumental in each phase of bringing SRP product portfolio to market in Patent Analysis, Product Development, Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution.

Robert Crumpton, Sales and Marketing Advisor
A former West Point football player, Bob is the quintessential sales leader. As a sales, marketing and product commercialization expert, Bob thrived during the internet era, heading up successful sales teams for multiple start-ups. After formidable stints with Dain Rauscher, and at telecommunications giant AT&T – Lucent Technologies, he manned the position of Managing Director of Sales for MCI’s WAM!NET division, one of Minnesota’s 50 fastest growing private companies and a leading provider of data and network solutions to the United States Military and the media industry. Bob helped grow the fast young company from scratch to more than $30M in annual revenue and a $1.7 billion valuation, in less than three years. Bob went on to co-found a successful consulting practice, which helped emerging growth companies find and achieve breakthrough revenue growth. Crumpton is the chief architect of the Rockit Sales Training System and as a Master Trainer himself has facilitated various training workshops for corporations on three continents. In addition to the overall strategic direction of Rockit Sales, Bob’s focus is business development.

Dan Tracy, Product Development Advisor
Dan is a seasoned firefighter, fire department leader, and trainer. His 25+ years as a firefighter is utilized in critically evaluating new product ideas and enhancements to current products. Dan also served 20+ years in the Air National Guard.

Nick Neary, Internet Marketing Advisor
Nick is a tenacious, innovative marketing professional with experience in traditional and internet marketing with a deep understanding of sales processes and effectiveness. He is a discerning designer with a background in visual arts and technology allowing for a unique balance of creative and analytical thinking. He has proven abilities to make demonstrable increases to revenue and productivity.  With SRP, Nick is providing expertise for developing the go-to-market strategy and tools to penetrate key markets. As a social media expert, Nick is a charter member of the new generation of internet marketing masterminds. His wizardry of today’s cutting edge techno tools include fresh knowledge and proficiency of best practices for search engine optimization effectiveness, successful online keyword advertising and social networking techniques via the web.

Contact Information:

Mark Christianson
Robert Crumpton
Dan Tracy
Nick Neary

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