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Oct 21, 2015 8:54 AM ET

Archived: Off The Hook: to allow the user to “speak” with unwanted persons on the phone without being on the other end of the line

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

Off The Hook



It is a simple, user friendly application which is designed to allow the user to “speak” with unwanted persons on the phone without being on the other end of the line. Off The Hook is the boring conversation app
A brief explanation of the operation is as follows:
• The app allows the caller to talk, but occasionally injects words of acknowledgment to make them think the user is listening.
• The app can sense a lull in the conversation and say in the user’s voice, “I see”, “I know, right?”, “Really!”, “My my”, “Your breaking up, say again”, “uh huh”, “My battery is dying, we could get cut off at any moment”.
• The app can recognize phrases like, “Are you even listening to me?” and respond with, “of course I am, go on.”, “Sorry, my hands are full, can I put you on speaker? I’m in the produce aisle at Kroger” or “I gotta go, bye”, and of course, “Whatever”.
• In the premium version there will be a horn, bird whistle, rim shot, breaking glass, car crash and splash I just dropped my phone in the toilet (sounds like talking under water), laugh track.
• The user will be able to customize responses for different people all done through the user’s contacts.
• From the command screen the user will be able to manually choose responses or go full auto and let the app take over.
• There is a panic button which allows the user to go live if need be, or use the screeching static disconnect, or the official sounding “The person you are talking to has run out of minutes. Please deposit $25 to their PayPal account to continue.”

What makes this app so unique

  • I don’t think there is another app that will allow you inject your voice into a conversation while you are busy doing other things. As well as run sound effects like a laugh track. This app will be practical as well as fun to use. Off The Hook will be an advertisers dream because it will be available every time your phone rings.

Why we need your support

  • Start the coding prosess
  • Commplete the coding and start testing
Contact Information:

Off The Hook

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