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Oct 21, 2015 12:27 PM ET

Archived: Meera’s textiles by Golden Hippogriff: Make our world a bit more beautiful and good

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

Meera’s textiles by Golden Hippogriff


It is unbelievable but true: there are no textiles from Meera’s paintings!

Meera’s wonderful paintings are results of her meditation, of her joy of creation. It is a wonderful gift to share the paintings with you! This is love!

Help us to make it real! We will bring the Zen inspired paintings, and the deep message of them – to trust the creative power inside of us – to textiles and to homes of us.

Without crowdfunding we would not be able to produce these textiles. If this is the direction you like us to go, we will, as the next step, bring these wonderful colors and forms into dresses and other clothes and textiles! Your support creates something beautiful!

About Golden Hippogriff


I started Golden Hippogriff 2014 to do something beautiful and good with my life. I wanted to turn the insights from the therapy work that I have done with myself and with many others to symbols that encourage us to follow our hearts and enjoy our lives and make it beautiful and good. For me Golden Hippogriff is an invitation to an creative adventure.

We started with jewelries to raise the awareness of girls’ position in the world. Every piece of jewellery reminds us of the love that we have inside of us. They speak the language of the heart!

And now it’s time for textiles! Meera’s wonderful colors and forms are results of her meditation, of her joy of creation. It is a wonderful gift to share the paintings with you! I am more than glad to make them textiles! This is love!

Read more about us here.

Who is Meera?

“This is what I see: If you totally give your love to what you are doing, you can also take other people with you, as part of it, and you can grow together.” Meera in her book Reawakening of Art.

Meera (Kasue Hashimoto), born in Ishikawa, Japan, in 1947, an international well-known artist, spreads joy and beauty with her unique paintings and her deeply touching presence, encouraging people to trust themselves.

I have seen how Meera presented her paintings to a blind man, encouraging him to feel them, to touch them. It was so touching, so inspiring. I heard her to say with her whole presence:you are so beautiful and you can create something beautiful.

Meera’s Zen inspired paintings are loved all over the world. Millions of people have bought books of Osho, which many of them are covered with her paintings. Thousands of people have attained Meera’s creative art courses and been inspired of her. Only 2015 she have had groups in India, Malaysia, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

“Art is the longing of the individual to be bridged with the whole of life; to connect with and give expression to life itself.” Meera


What are we doing?

Meera’s duvet cover is our first textile. If you like it, give us a chance to make it real! The world will be a little bit more beautiful if we can bring these paintings into homes of us!

And from every piece of duvet cover we will give 5 % of the profit to Malala and Plan organization to help the girls and children of our world.

Love & adventure

We are not a company of fashion. Golden Hippogriff is an adventure, encouraging to do something beautiful and good with our lives. Our products carry this message. They are themselves master pieces of design, but still they are more. They are poems.


Duvet covers based on Meera’s paintings

Four alternative pictures.

Satin, 100 % cotton. Includes one duvet cover, size 200 x 148 cm, and one pillowcase 50 x 60 cm. Price 99 euro. There will also be delivery costs depending to which country duvet cover is delivered (8,50 – 16 euros). Made in Finland.

Choose one of them or buy the whole serie!

The tablet bags

Textile tablet bag for iPad and other tablets. Meera’s painting on one side, other side black. Size 22 x 27 cm. Material Panama 100 % cotton. Closes with a zipper. Price 79 euro. Made in Finland.

Meera Support Card

You can also buy a Meera support cards with the price of 39 euro. Size of the card: 10 x 20 cm. Includes 10 cards.


Products will be delivered in December 2015 – our aim is the get them produced for Christmas.

Contact Information:

Jani Roman

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