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Oct 21, 2015 11:38 AM ET

Kindergarteners of Gaza Fund: The Future Intellectuals of Gaza

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

Kindergarteners of Gaza Fund

Kindergartners of Gaza

I met a young team of teachers based in Gaza, Palestine  trying to fund a  kindergarten school in Gaza through a crowd funding website. I donated $50, and they contacted me thanking me for helping them. It turns out I was the only one to fund their project, and the website they were using to raise funds took 60% of the money they earned! Of the $50 that I donated they only received $20. Again, since I was the only person to donate to the project, they are now a whole $20 richer, this is enough to buy some pencils. They are trying to raise funds to build two kindergarten classes (they are currently running one kindergarten class). They need help funding these classes for the many more children in their neighborhood who cannot afford to register at government schools.

The Plan

The plan is to set up a kindergarten school  in Gaza to address the issue of the lack of free kindergarten classes available. Many children cannot afford to register in government schools . The kindergarten schools available in Gaza require a high registration fee costing $130, this does not include bus transportation, with transportation it would cost $240 per child. These children’s families do not have the means to pay such fees! 

Our solution is to provide the toddlers access to a safe, free school that they can attend, at no cost. Our team in Gaza  consists of a young group of five teachers who share a passion for education and realize the crucial need to help the youth of Gaza grow up to be the intellectuals that Gaza desperately needs. Please take a look at our project and get to know our team in Gaza, Palestine below.

This is the one class that Ahmed’s uncle has already established. They need help getting the other classes built and funded. 

Meet Our Team in Gaza:

1.  Ahmed Nasr, 22, is the person who contacted me thanking me for my donation.  He recently graduated with a  bachelors degree in nursing from  Palestine College of Nursing in 2015.

2. His brother Mahmoud, 24, is a civil engineer, he  graduated from The University of Palestine in 2013, he has been unemployed for two years (unable to find a job due to the ongoing conflicts in Gaza) and is looking to help to teach the toddlers.

3. Ahmed’s sister Heba, 27, is a biology school teacher, she graduated from Al-Aqsa University in 2010. She is currently working as director of the educational center owned by their uncle who established the kindergarten class shown in the pictures.

4. Ahmed’s second sister Manar, 26, is a Chemistry school teacher, she graduated from Al-Aqsa University she was working as an assistant teacher at the university.

Here is Ahmed Nasr, 22 years, he has a bachelor degree in nursing from Palestine Collage of Nursing, he graduated about a month ago and has been trying to establish two more kindergarten classes for the children in Gaza

Why do the children of Gaza matter?

These children are growing up in a war torn country. It is only with the unconditional help of individuals like these five young, enthusiastic teachers that the children of Gaza can grow up to be the intellectuals and innovators that their country desperately needs. This school will serve as a safe haven for the less fortunate children of Gaza who would otherwise fail to receive a legitimate education.

The Project Goals!

Ahmed Nasr, one of the teachers in Gaza sent me the following email:

“We are looking to establish the kindergarten classrooms on a part of land near our house, its a space that is about 250 square meters. The school will consist of 4 classes, a management room, a canteen,  2 bathrooms, a game room, a reception room with a play area outside,  and last a garage for the bus.”

How You Can Help Right Now?

We are trying to raise 5,000 to help the team in Gaza get started with the Kindergarten school.

Contact Information:

Hager Alkhafaji

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