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Oct 21, 2015 7:22 EST

EzyXchange Ltd: “Democratizing access to crowd equity-capital via a DIY internet capital raising Fintech eco-system supported by P2P equity exit trading”

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

EzyXchange Ltd

EzyXchange Ltd



Why We Started This Company

TO DEMOCRATIZE ACCESS TO INTERNET INVESTMENT CAPITAL (iiCAP) FROM THE CROWD by offering an alternative to the current crop of web Intermediary “circus pump ‘n dump” equity-crowdfunding sites. This we will do by democratizing the process with free and open access to Internet Investment Capital (iiCAP). Access made Ezy through a DIY Fintech eco-system that removes the middleman from the capital raising process via a full suite of best investment practice, template-centric disclosure documents that seamlessly interface closings with investor prospects through a social-centric book-building process. A template structure that with minor customization can interface with the requirements of any Regulator in any jurisdiction at any time. Essential of course for (1) the introduction of Title III in the USA and the US$2T non-accredited investor pool that this will open up access to and (2) a potential $100B investor pool in Australia for Emerging Growth Companies.

TO CREATE LIQUIDITY IN ILLIQUID INVESTMENTS IN EQUITY CROWDFUNDED COMPANIES through a P2P share price discovery and exit platform for investors from early stage through to digital IPO and beyond and within the jurisdictional requirements of their lawful domicile.


What Sets Us Apart

SEAMLESS CAPITAL RAISING FROM POST SEED THROUGH TO DIGITAL IPO. Our four stage, value adding interfacing templates resolve the growing “pump ‘n dump circus” problem by making available a DIY internet capital access process through an affordable, broker free, Regulator approved, digitized template process. One that forms part of an eco-system that will also enable the shares issued for DIY, equity capital from the crowd to be traded on the secondary market through a P2P price discovery matching and trading eco-system for better shareholder returns from early stage, all the way through to an eventual digital IPO. A digital economy evolutionary process that will eventually see the end of stock exchanges as we know them today as a means of exchanging securities. A process that will gain traction with the pending changes to Sec 4 (1) 1/2 of the Securities Act 1933, supported by changes now proposed for Rule 144 and awaiting SEC clearance / release.

Our Keys To Success

A SIMPLE DIY, REGULATOR APPROVED DIGITAL TEMPLATE. The EzyXchange will progressively become a comprehensive, highly affordable, DIY P2P global Fintech eco-system that will help democratize access to Internet Capital “iCAP” (aka the emerging Equity-Crowdfunding sector), providing support for the following participants and needs of this new capital industry, viz-a-viz, (1) Provide owners of early stage companies with access to approved investors, (2) Provide a digital share-price discovery and trading platform, (3) Present early stage investment opps to Crowdfunders, (4) Enforce compliance procedures that create confidence in the integrity of the EzyXchange and (5) prevent fraud through template based, Regulatory approved digitally structured, fraud mitigating processes required to help build user trust in the integrity of the exchange and its operations in each of its four interfacing functions.

A LOCATION THAT THE WORLD TRUSTS. EZYX operates from CO, USA where it is subject to both State and US Federal Securities laws. Ranking alongside Delaware, the state of CO is one of the best offshore centers for non US resident entrepreneurs, making the state a natural global hub for Emerging Growth Companies (EGC) from around the world who want (1) the best intellectual property legal protection and (2) access to the US consumer and capital markets. At the date of this pitch, EZYX operates in accordance with (1) SEC Rules 147 / 144, (2) Rule 504 of Regulation D of S 3(b) of the Securities Act 1933, (3) Titles II and IV of the Jobs Act 2012, (4) CO HB 15-1246 (Colorado Crowdfunding Act). In Australia, Crowd Sourced Equity Funding is subject to ASIC Class Order 02/273 and in NZ, by the Financial Markets Compliance Act (FMCA) of 2013. An exemption under S312 of the FMCA in NZ, would enable the Company to start P2P secondary trading on a beta basis for up to NS$2M in trades. Indeed an excellent secondary market incubator.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – YOU “DO IT YOURSELF” (DIY) – This way you stay in control as your company migrates from (1) startup through to (2) early, stage (3) onto progressive capital rounds and the entry of new shareholders whose capital will ensure your success provided that (4) your PIE chart (Passion, Integrity, Experience) is demonstrable and that (5) the ORE factor (Objective, Resources, Execution), is clearly articulated in the same way that military campaigns are.

AND GOOD NEWS – OUR DIY “iiCAP” PROCESS IS COMMISSION FREE – that’s right “No Commission” payments. The only payments to EzyXchange in order to go live with an offer to the crowd are (1) the cost of incorporating your IPCOM (Intellectual Property Owning Company) in CO, and (2) the cost of setting up permanent retention/access to Regulatory mandated documents for subsequent audit and/or regulatory requirements when the Form U7 offering document goes live.

Contact Information:

Linda Brink Dip PR (SA)
Nic Iverson ACA BAHA

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