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Oct 21, 2015 10:56 AM ET

Archived: AmeriFlare Flare Gas Recovery Systems Inc

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

AmeriFlare Flare Gas Recovery Systems Inc d

AmeriFlare Flare Gas Recovery Systems Inc dba AmeriFlare Inc. Logo

We developed a complete system that takes Associated gas (flare gas) from oil wells. We strip out the methane/ethane for on site generator fuel, move the remaining chemicals (NGL’s) to tanks and transport the material. NGL’s sell or $1 gallon approx. Generators onsite provide power for the oil well and processor, onsite diesel generators are removed. The NGL’s pay for the cost of the system that can be leased or purchased. On larger wells the profits on the NGL’s can be significant.

Complete mobile system, including redundant generators. processor, tanks, platforms, buildings, cabling etc. competitors only provide partial. System utilizes a patented non-refrigeration, non-JT, non-cryo system, does not use glycol or methanol. Results in higher NGL yields, larger turn-down range, higher quality methane fuel and lower system costs.

Systems generate power and host a patented LNG output module to create LNG or CNG from unused methane in addition to NGL monetization. Near zero emissions possible today.

Our systems are tailored to the well volume and power needs. Systems are duel fueled and redundant so that oil pumping can proceed virtually 100% of the time with little or no downtime. These system work at -40F so they can operate in remote heavy snow areas, on rough terrain and more.

Our systemization, mobility and completeness takes all the guess work out of recovering flare gas. The operator still flares excess methane (very little), monetizes the flare gas instead of burning it to the environment and eliminates diesel fuel use. 95% of oil well pollution is eliminated including diesel generator pollution since the diesel are eliminated. Cash flow increases dramatically. clustered wells are especially profitable.

We are 90 days away from completing a working demonstration plants. seeking working well sites is CO, TX and ND. Seeking strategic partners for installation, service and marketing, in addition to capital requirements.

Products / Services

Flare gas recovery systems

Generators, flare gas recovery processor, processor tanks, foundation platforms, buildings, cabling

Contact Information:

Joseph Romano

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