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Oct 20, 2015 7:46 AM ET

Archived: Trinity Emergency Safety System: a smartphone app that allows a user to sound the initial alarm that an Emergency is in progress by using TESS on their smartphone for those with an Android phone

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2015

Trinity Emergency Safety System


Global Emergency Safety Technologies

Trinity Emergency Safety System (TESS)

TESS is a smartphone app that allows a user to sound the initial alarm that an Emergency is in progress by using TESS on their smartphone for those with an Android phone. TESS allows the user to notify all other TESS users within a certain geographical area. TESS allows alerts to go out to all other users showing the source location with distance and direction (GPS Mapping/Geo-Fencing), as set by the receiving user. Accidental dialing would be avoided by requiring a three digit pin input.

This app is a vital personal safety product for individuals and those in close proximity to an ongoing emergency. The one app you’ll need but hope to never use, it is the perfect supplement or alternative to a personal firearm.

A partnership with my father, George D. Burdette Sr., a retired US Army Officer and Aviator, and myself a military veteran: TESS originator, has been formed to start GEST and to develop TESS.

Experience has shown, and we firmly believe, there is a need for a comprehensive approach to security in all present day-to-day situations and environments. Given the current turbulent society of today, it was with this concept in mind that the idea for TESS was born.
TESS is unique, because it’s the only app that allows a more efficient and faster peer to peer emergency broadcasting between users, thereby circumventing the inefficient top-down centralized emergency apps currently on the market.

It’s the one app you’ll want, but not want to use.

What makes this app so unique

  • We live in a violent society as evidenced by the almost constant news of one horrific event after another, e.g., Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Boston Marathon Bombing. The following scenario provides an example of the capabilities of TESS – the Trinity Emergency Safety System.
  • It’s 9:00 am, you teach 4th grade at a local elementary school, and class has been in session for about an hour. Your smart phone, with the TESS application installed, rings with the specific and distinctive sound which indicates that an emergency in your immediate vicinity is happening. This emergency alert was initiated by another teacher at your school by using her smart phone, who also had the TESS application installed.
  • Looking at your smart phone you see that this particular emergency is indicating a shooter in your immediate vicinity, and that the other teacher was also able to provide the radial distance and direction of the event. Base on this alert, you must now assume that the perpetrator is firing an assault weapon and killing innocent and defenseless school children.
  • Although you have not yet actually heard the sound of the assault weapon firing, you decide, based on the implied life-and-death seriousness of the current situation, to lead your class to a safe area out of the building and place them under the protection of law enforcement which has just started to arrive.

Why we need your support

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Trinity Emergency Safety System

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