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Oct 20, 2015 3:54 PM ET

Archived: Range Dial. Connected food thermometer that lets you unplug.: A precision cooking thermometer that works with or without your smartphone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2015

Make the most of your time and ingredients.

Cooking can be a joy when you make a delicious meal, a disappointment when you get it wrong, and disaster when you present the charred, leathery wreckage to your hungry friends and family. 

That’s why we created Range Dial — a precision cooking thermometer that works with or without your smartphone. Range helps you achieve that kitchen joy whether it’s grilling, baking, brewing, or candymaking.

Range Dial is the evolution of our previously Kickstarted thermometer, Range. We’ve learned a lot from how our customers use Range, and added the top requests: Bluetooth for wireless monitoring, and a second probe for ambient temperature. But we also thought carefully about the friction points and how we could address them.

Range Dial works with or without a smartphone. Having a connected device shouldn’t mean you have to mess with an app for the most basic functions. Just plug in the probe and turn the dial to a preset—Range Dial will beep at you, and you’ll also get a push notification on your phone when your food is done. Or open the app to have full control. It’s the best of both worlds.

We paid attention to the details. Range Dial is extremely precise thanks to our custom engineered temperature-measuring circuit and probes. It’s built to last with machined stainless steel, silicone and polycarbonate. We didn’t even take the temperature probe for granted, carving useful features into it.

A history

Hi, I’m John. For years I’ve been obsessed with integrating new interfaces and connectivity into everyday objects. At the MIT Media Lab, I built a series of objects that get past the idea that you have to pull out a screen and poke at it to perform basic tasks. That’s not the future—that’s a step backward.

I also love cooking for my family and experimenting in the kitchen, though I’m no expert. With our original Range cooking thermometer, I got better results and did less hovering over the stove and grill.

Thousands of you chefs using Range, professionals and enthusiasts, taught us what we could continue improving. You want a Bluetooth tool that does what it’s told with minimal futzing. We listened.

Tinker with your recipes, not with an app. Range Dial can do things no other thermometer can, and yet we’ve designed it around a physical dial so you don’t have to use your phone.

I’m excited to build a great cooking tool for all of us to use. So, let’s tear our bloodshot eyes off our screens (after you’re done reading this page and pledging) and savor the sights, smells and tastes of life!

What you can do with Range Dial

  • Cook a juicy turkey while prepping the sides (throw away that horribly inaccurate pop-up thermometer)
  • Smoke tender brisket overnight while watching your ambient temperature
  • Repeatable and recordable homebrew recipes
  • Learn about the sugar stages and how temperature stalls 
  • Make your own yogurt and cheese 
  • Correct for your inaccurate oven (have you checked? It’s bad.)
  • Sous vide soft-cooked egg 
  • Experiment with variations and collect data on your recipes

What our backers and customers are already doing with the first Range:

Versatility, now and in the future

We’ve engineered probes for Range Dial to meet any job:

Range Dial has two probe ports. This makes it possible to watch two dishes at once, or get a second reading for ambient temperature (critical for smoking or precise oven roasting). And it means that your Range Dial will be versatile, taking advantage of new and improved cooking sensors. Range Dial will also work with our existing SDK so you can add temperature to any app. We can’t wait to share the ideas we have planned, and to hear your ideas, too.

Support for iOS and plans for Android

Currently, Range Dial will work with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or newer. Your device needs to support Bluetooth Low Energy to connect directly (which means iPhone 4S, iPad 3 or newer), but you can monitor remotely with older devices.

We want to support Android as well, and will be able to make an app that’s up to our standards if we raise over $200,000. A pledge for Range Dial is your vote for Android support. (You can always cancel your pledge before the end of the campaign if we don’t reach that goal.)

What makes Range Dial better?

  • More precise temperature measurement. It’s easy (for an engineer) to measure temperature. But it takes time and passion to design a circuit that measures temperature really, really accurately, and most thermometers don’t try that hard. We did because if you’re going to get repeatable results, you need to have precise measurements.
  • Works without a smartphone. Turn Range Dial to one of the four presets. It’ll beep when your food is done. (And yes, you can change what those presets are through the app.)
  • Better Bluetooth range. Bluetooth devices often have a disappointing connection in the real world. This is usually because they use a cheap trace antenna and turn the Bluetooth radio power down to save battery life. We do neither: Range Dial uses a ceramic chip antenna and crams in two AAA batteries, so we can get great range out of Bluetooth, and still have superior battery life.
  • Infinite range. When we say you can disconnect, we mean it. As long as you have one device connected to Range Dial via Bluetooth, you can monitor your temperatures from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Expandability. Each Range Dial has two ports to plug in sensors. This lets you get a second reading for ambient temperature (critical for smoking or precise roasting and baking) or just a second dish. And it means that your Range Dial will be versatile, taking advantage of new and improved cooking sensors.
  • Top-notch materials and components. We’re building a tool to last, so we made it out of stainless steel, polycarbonate and silicone.
  • Third-party apps. The Range app was designed to be straightforward for a range of needs, but you may want software tuned for your particular culinary specialty. Range is supported by Roastmaster for coffee roasting, iBrewMaster for homebrewing beer, and has a free SDKthat any app can use to add support for temperature.


  • For iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 or newer
  • Read temperatures on a device connected by Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Read temperatures remotely on other devices via the Internet (no one else does this)
  • Set alerts for rising, falling, or temperature ranges with a swipe
  • F and C, USDA and gourmet presets
  • Done-time prediction 
  • Graphing with CSV data export
  • Change dial presets to whatever suits you


  • Reads temperatures from -40ºF to 450ºF (-40ºC to 230ºC)
  • Accurate to 0.9°F at 150ºF (0.5ºC at 65ºC)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (requires iPhone 4S, iPad 3, or newer)
  • 2xAAA, 6 months battery life
  • Stainless steel, silicone, polycarbonate
  • Two multipurpose sensor ports


Note that we may tweak finishes and colors a bit heading into production, but all with the aim of making this thing great.

Why we need your help

We’ve spent our own time and money so far on industrial design, engineering, sourcing components and lining up suppliers. To go into production, we need to polish off development, pay for tooling, and get a minimum quantity commitment. Quality doesn’t come cheap.

We used our experience and deliberate engineering to get the cost down. We owe a lot to our community on Kickstarter for backing us before, and so you get a great price before Range Dial gets released to the rest of the world.

Kickstarter is also amazing for the conversations we can have with backers. When you back us, you won’t just enable us to make Range Dial—as our first and most enthusiastic customers, you’ll have the opportunity to shape it as we make some final decisions.

If you’re an existing Range owner, this Kickstarter benefits you, too. It’ll allow us to continue bringing new features to the Range app.


  • $60,000: Production
  • $200,000: Android support


We’ve done a lot of work so far, and we’ve padded the schedule for the inevitable mistakes that come when you’re trying to work with factories to produce a complex product at scale.
Contact Information:


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