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Oct 20, 2015 12:30 PM ET

Archived: Phobophobes – No Flavour: Pre-order our new single ‘No Flavour’ on signed 7″ vinyl, and help bring us to the masses!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2015

Phobophobes – No Flavour

This winter your Phobes will be unleashing our absurdist noise splash onto the unwitting public with our first single “NO FLAVOUR”.

It’s a glammed-up sex-romp of a song that will leave you weeping with desire.

As well as the fabulous A side, there will be a previously unheard B-side that will be exclusive to this release!

Only one thing stands in our way…the black magic spell that binds us all…*MONEY!!!*

Yes dear friends, we are reaching out to you with our empty and creased cardboard coffee cup and our cold, grime laden hands. Now is the time to step in and help this gang of wastrels release our assault onto the bleak aural horizon that is modern popular song.
There will be rewards for your generosity!

Oh yes…!

Imagine a walk through a wind-swept Bognor Regis with our bass man Elliot ‘Loving Lips’ Nash guiding you through the historic seaside town. And what’s more, he will be putting on his best fish-net-mini-skirt combo and slapping on a bit rouge for the occasion – pretty sexy, and worth more than just money. OR you could get your hands on a copy of guitarist and whale-song enthusiast George Russel’s Wasteman Readings, on which he has recited some of his favourite poems, completely shit-faced on booze and whatever else he could get his hands on. OR let the drum guy Dan Lyons write you a personal poem. The ultimate act of love. OR let us ruin your favourite song! And much, much more!!

And at the same time pre-order the 7″ vinyl and other band merchandise, so that when it arrives, you can hold it in your hands and say:

“I have helped in the fight to bring Phobophobes to the masses!!”

This is all we want. And we want to do it with you. Writhe with us!!

With deep, boundless love and affection,

– Your Phobes xxx

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