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Oct 20, 2015 8:07 AM ET

Archived: Marita Huurinainen: A fashion brand looking to expand

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2015

Marita Huurinainen

Key company hightslights

Marita Huurinainen has been described as the most exciting Finnish fashion brand at the moment. The brand is known for its WILD ethical fur and leather collection and the patented WAVE wooden design shoe concept. The aim is build an internationally successful luxury fashion brand.

Strong Products to Build Brand

Marita Huurinainen has developed two unique fashion product concepts. Both have significant market potential and the company has an exclusive ability to capitalize on them.

WILD – Ethical fur and leather collection

Marita Huurinainen offers an alternative to enjoy fur with a good conscience. No farmed fur is used. All animals used for the fur products have lived in their natural environment in the Finnish wilderness and have been hunted for conservational reasons to control the animal populations. Every animal skin is purchased directly from registered hunters. Marita Huurinainen has the exclusive right to use the Wild Finnish Fur source of origin label. The leather used in the collection is either from semi wild reindeer or wild moose. This way, it can be ensured that no animal has suffered for fashion. Marita Huurinainen has pioneered this concept and is the only international fashion brand using the ethical concept of wild fur.

WAVE – Wooden concept shoes

WAVE is an iconic new wooden shoe concept. It has received the Ornamo Design Award as the best Finnish design object in 2009. The shoe is not only beautiful to look at but also incredibly comfortable to wear. It is made of Finnish birch wood. It has been described as the next Finnish design icon. The design is internationally protected and the complex product technology has been developed by Marita Huurinainen.

Based on the two flagship concepts WAVE and WILD, Marita Huurinainen is creating a luxury fashion brand with a strong connection to its Finnish origins. With WAVE, the brand captures the feelings and atmosphere of Finnish summer: light, colorful, playful, different and happy. WILD, on the other hand, captures the moods of the Finnish winter: dark, mystic, cool, noir and melancholic.

In order to connect the concepts and to round up the brand identity and product offering, new “mainstream” products are constantly developed. An example of a successful product launch are summer dresses, which were introduced last summer in the Marita Huurinainen boutique. The collection sold out immediately. Based on the success, the dresses were sold to other retailers internationally, generating large orders for spring/summer 2016.



Contact Information:

Andreas Jank
Marita Huurinainen

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