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Oct 20, 2015 1:28 PM ET

Archived: Amalgamated Titanium International: a specialty metals company based in Cambridge, MA that developed a cost-reducing titanium technology

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2015

Amalgamated Titanium International

Amalgamated Titanium International Logo


Amalgamated is a specialty metals company based in Cambridge, MA that developed a cost-reducing titanium technology that allows the firm to manufacture AFFORDABLE mass produced titanium products cost-effectively for the first time.

Amalgamated’s proprietary technology allows the firm to design, manufacture, and sell titanium products at a relative equivalent price to inferior material substitutes, such as high-grade steels and aluminums. In essence, we make and sell the highest quality titanium products at AFFORDABLE prices.

Products / Services

Titanium Product Overview:

Titanium has unique characteristics that make it extremely appealing for both consumer and industrial applications. It is almost 50% lighter than steel, 200% stronger than steel with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios, impervious-to-corrosion, biocompatible, and stylish to name just a few. These attributes in turn make our products stronger, lighter, more durable, lower-maintenance and longer-lived. Yet, when they are coupled with Amalgamated’s proprietary technology, it now becomes AFFORDABLE for even mass produced items since we sell our premier titanium products for roughly the SAME PRICE as our competitor’s inferior steel and aluminum products.

Sportfishing Equipment

We design, manufacture, and brand our own lines of affordable titanium sport fishing equipment labeled “Fortitude Fishing”. These military grade titanium fishing products range from fishing reels and rod components to hooks and pliers. Titanium products are superior to current products due to being lighter, stronger, and more durable but most beneficial is that titanium is impervious-to-corrosion in salt water.

Small Armaments

We design, manufacture, and sell affordable titanium guns, gun parts, and gun accessories. These military grade titanium products range from sniper rifles and sound suppressors (silensers) used by the U.S. Military to hunting rifles and shotguns for sports-hunters.

Future Products:

Due to the wide ranging application and demand for affordable titanium products, Amalgamated has had requests by large corporations in the following industries but is presently focused on sport fishing and small arms.
Petro Chemical Industry – Valves
Clean Energy – Turbine Blades
Aerospace – Helicopter airframes
Tool/Construction – Handheld tools

Contact Information:

Linda Rutherford

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