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Oct 19, 2015 5:00 PM ET

Archived: Young Farmers at COP21 Paris Climate Convention

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2015

Young Farmers at COP21 Paris Climate Convention

Send Anika and Josh to the Paris Climate Change Convention to show farmers are on the frontlines of climate change!

Have you ever wanted to be a super hero?

Have you ever wanted to save the world?

Well here’s your chance…

You can be part of the solution for climate change!


You can send Anika and Josh to Paris in November for the 2015 Paris Climate Summit.


Wait, what?

Let us explain… We all know climate change is happening, and we know that we need to do something about the way we live if we are going to survive. With all the debate around climate change one thing is now absolutely certain… We need to find ways of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. And we need to do it now. 

This is what Paris is about. Government representatives from more than 190 nations will gather at the UN Climate Summit in order to find global solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. There will also be scientists, decision makers, and some of the best minds in the world gathered there to literally help save the world. 

So why Anika Molesworth and Josh Gilbert?

You probably don’t know these two young farmers but they’ve already been fighting to save you, your family, Australia and the world (http://www.art4agriculture.com.au/yfc/index.html). Anika has currently been acknowledged as the Australian Young Farmer of the Year (http://leadingagriculture10.topmagazines.com.au/15/) and Josh is a National Earth Hour Ambassador and the NSW Young Farmers Chair (http://leadingagriculture5.topmagazines.com.au/11/). 

You can follow Anika on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AnikaMolesworth

And Josh at: https://twitter.com/GilbertJoshuaM

Farmers are perfectly placed to contribute to the solutions to Climate Change. Not only are they on the frontline of Climate Change already, but they’re innovative, resourceful and determined. 

Our Australian farmers are part of a global farming community. They know they have to learn from each other’s successes and failures in order to help us all move forward.

Farmers have always been focused on feeding and clothing us. Now they’re also in a position to power us by housing wind and solar farms on their land using renewable energy technologies.


Our vision…

Anika and Josh are going to Paris to bring back the knowledge and networks that our farmers need to help them if they are going to continue to successfully feed, clothe and power the world. 

They will meet with world leaders in agriculture, listen to others’ experiences, share the ideas of Australian famers and create the tools that will enable us to survive in a future we know is going to challenge us all.

Anika and Josh aren’t going to Paris with all the answers… But they will come back with plenty of solutions.


How you – our community – will benefit.

By sending Anika and Josh to Paris you will be supporting Australian agriculture to learn more and begin to lead the way on dealing with Climate Change. This will ensure a future that we want not only for Australia, but the world. 


What we need…

In order to get Anika and Josh to Paris we need to raise $5000.

This will ensure they not only have the opportunity to attend the conference but that they are also able to visit European farms and see first hand how those farmers are powering their communities using clean energy technologies. 


So there you have it… you don’t need to wear a cloak to be a super hero and help save the world… You just need to help us send Anika and Josh to Paris so they can bring solutions back home.


Farming systems that produce their own renewable energy, and are based on sustainable agricultural practices that increase carbon storage in vegetation and soils, reduce the need for expensive nitrogen-based fertilizer, reduce soil degradation, save water, and protect our natural resource base will have win-win impacts – helping reduce the prospects of climate change to which we cannot adapt, as well as increasing the reliability, profitability and quality of our food supply.

Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate change, Food and Farming in Australia’ 2015 by Professor Lesley Hughes, Dr. Martin Rice, Professor Will Steffen

Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $12,500

Tipping Point goal

In order to get Anika and Josh to Paris we need to raise $5,000.

This will ensure they not only have the opportunity to attend the climate change conference and the Conference of Youth, but that they are also able to visit European farms and see first hand how those farmers are powering their communities using clean energy technologies.


Ultimate goal

If we are able to reach the ultimate goal, this will enable Anika and Josh to travel more European farms to document the potential of Australian farmers also powering Australia. Anika and Josh will then also have the opportunity to share this information with farmers right across Australia and the world to ensure farmers continue to supply consumers with safe, affordable and nutritous food, and hopefully power in the future!


For more information about the Archibull prize, please visit: http://www.art4agriculture.com.au/archibull/


For more information about Josh’s family’s farm, please visit: http://www.riversideparkbrafords.com.au/

– See more at: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/young_farming_champions/Campaigns/Show/young_farmers_at_cop21_paris_climate_convention#sthash.dUGw1C6D.dpuf

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Young Farming Champions

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