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Oct 19, 2015 7:31 PM ET

Archived: Food & lifestyle organic cafè: Gluten free and organic café

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2015

Food & lifestyle organic cafè

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This is Food and lifestyle organic café

Food and lifestyle organic café opened 3 months ago. I felt it was time to start my own business and work with something that I really enjoy, organic food and products. I have worked at various restaurants, cafés and later in a grocery store but now I wanted to have something of my own. The organic orientation was a given choice from the beginning. That it also became gluten free was because I thought it was lacking in the cafe selection in Malmo and because I have switched to a generally gluten-free diet.

Used furniture instead of new.
Used furniture instead of new.

Why open a gluten free café?

The range of gluten free cakes and sandwiches are very small in Malmö cafes. If there is something, it is usually not completely gluten free because there are traces of wheat. I want those who have celiac disease or selecting gluten-free for other reason have a chance to choose freely from all over the cafe offer instead of just being able to buy one thing. At Food and lifestyle organic cafe everything is gluten-free and also baked in a gluten-free environment. Almost everything is also organic. I also exclude lactose in most products which broadens my audience even further.

Our sesame bread
Our sesame bread
Some of our cookies.
Some of our cookies.

Who are our customers?

Besides all who have celiac disease, there are also a lot of others who deselect gluten for different reasons. People who eat after LCHF and Paleo or just find they feel better when they exclude gluten from their diet. Two of the bread I bake is also free from dairy products and eggs.

Environment and sustainability

All our products are organic and gluten-free. We want to offer fair products that are non-toxic and without additives, therefore we bake and cook everything in place with pure ingredients. We want to protect the environment and try to preserve the earth’s resources. All our take-away products are made from recycled paper or cornstarch. So far it has gone, we have bought used furniture and our cleaning products is of course eco-labeled.

What we’ll use the money for

We are currently expanding the product range for ordering products. We want to offer more varieties of bread that are obvious to most people who do not have celiac disease. Hamburger buns, hot dog rolls and focaccia are some of the bread that we sample baked and are ready to receive the order at. We also want to be able to offer larger orders for cakes for such as conferences and parties. For those extensions we need the money to buy more raw materials, more baking pans and large cardboard boxes to send out orders in. We would also like to market ourselves a little more, especially where our largest target celiacs are available such as Celiac Association’s magazine.

Our hamburger bread
Our hamburger bread
Contact Information:

Linda Persson

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