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Oct 18, 2015 9:30 AM ET

Archived: Inner City School Arts Enrichment: to provide arts enrichment opportunities for the students at Heritage Academy

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 18, 2015

Inner City School Arts Enrichment




A bit about our school:

Heritage Academy is a contract alternative school with Minneapolis Public Schools in Minnesota.

*Grades 6-12
*Students are nearly 100% Somali
*Students are nearly 100% children of immigrants or immigrants themselves
*Above 90% free/reduced lunch
*100% students of color

Our current arts programming:

We currently have no arts extracurricular opportunities at all, but we are working on a grant to bring in a photographer. We only have one art teacher at our school, and very limited supplies and facilities.

About the new program:

Our mission is to provide arts enrichment opportunities for the students at Heritage Academy. We want to provide exploration and instruction in both traditional Somali art forms and other disciplines. Students participating in this program will have the opportunity to work with professional artists– including area Somali artists– in the fields of carving, weaving, textiles, oral poetry, theatre, pottery, metalwork, landscape painting, and photography to explore different art forms and produce their own work.

At the end of the year, students will have a chance to have their work on display at a professional institute. Students’ work will also be published in a book; each student will receive a copy free of charge. We will also hold an end-of-year gala at which all students will have the chance to exhibit and/or present their work.

Our rationale:

Not only has research shown that arts programs have a positive effect on academic achievement, art is part of a healthy and robust life. Students learn to express their values, relieve stress, channel creativity, and discover new talents through art. As our students immerse themselves in American culture, it is also important that they maintain strong connections to their own cultural traditions. After all, that’s what our school is called– Heritage.

How your donation will help:

We are starting from scratch! We need to:

-Purchase supplies for students
-Pay visiting artists for their valuable time to teach our students
-Print books, programs for the gala, and invitations for the gala
-Purchase production rights for a play
-Purchase/rent costumes and set pieces for a play
-Provide snacks for students who stay after school to take part in the program

What you will receive:

-An acknowledgement in our program as a valued contributor
-The everlasting gratitude of myself and my students

WE NEED YOU to make this happen! We have no funding available for this through the school; I’m not even being paid for running the program. If we are to provide this wonderful opportunity, it will truly take a village to help our children.

THANK YOU for visiting! Even if you cannot donate, please share our campaign with as many people as possible. If 350 people donated $10, we’d be set in no time!

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Neilson

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