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Oct 18, 2015 5:34 PM ET

Archived: DOC-U-MENTALLY: The Doctor Documentary

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 18, 2015


The Doctor Documentary


My wife is a Doctor, so is my brother and father too. The subject of Doctors’ working hours is very close to my heart and I know firsthand the impact it has on families and relationships. I can only imagine how it must affect your patient care. I have heard countless times before that a Doctor says the worst of him/her comes out on a 30 hour call. Some people hate who they become on call.

DOC-U-MENTALLY is a feature length documentary that will follow 5 culturally different Doctors in rural KZN whilst on their 30 hour Call/Shift.

●  1x Zulu Female
●  1x Basotho Male
●  1x English Female
●  1x Afrikaans Male
●  1x Indian Female

It will show them at the start of the day and we will ask some introductory questions so the viewer can get to know the Doctors and where they come from.

Then we will have standard questions asked on every hour to track their progress. Hopefully the viewer will see the characters develop as the 30 hours wears on. They should see how moods change and patient care differs.

At the end we ask some of the introductory questions again to see if their responses differ from the start. We will also ask them to read Batho Pele principles and reflect on whether they feel they could live up to them under the circumstances.

We have already shot a teaser for the documentary to show what the quality and style of it would be. It does not really delve too much in following the Doctors around yet, the actual documentary will be much more intense and in depth. We only had a couple of hours to shoot the teaser. It was only intended to create a feel to any potential investors. The Doctors in the teaser were scripted on some of the facts and is based on research that was published.

When we meet non-doctor friends or anyone in general for the first time we always have the same questions regarding Doctors. We get the feeling the population is very uninformed about what really happens on call. Let’s inform RSA about the amount of hours Doctors have to work; under what conditions and how emotionally taxing it is!

This documentary will not have a heavy feel to it, but light. It will aim to be a fun but informative documentary. Despite this tone, it will still ask the question:

Are Doctors in South Africa crazy for working the amount of hours that they do?


Milestone 1 –  R110 000
The Tipping Point – If we reach this, our project is A-go!

This is the minimum needed to get the filming AND editing done for 5 Doctors on a 30 hour shift. It is 150 hours of footage to shoot and then sort and edit. We have to pay for music rights etc. too.

This will not be ready for broadcast, but at least we can license it to a broadcaster who can provide more funds to get it broadcast ready.

Milestone 2 – R430 000

This is the minimum needed to get the documentary ready at Broadcast quality. This quality is much higher and requires more detail than simply something you want to put on the internet.

We would love to get a lot of additional footage and more crew to make it look as professional as possible.

Milestone 3 – R645 000
The Ultimate Goal

This is so that we don’t have to receive money from any other institutions and it covers my production and accounting fees.

Before this point I am not taking any fees. It is a passion project before this point.

Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/Documentally


Francois Wahl: francois@intersectionstudios.co.za


Contact Information:

Intersection Studios

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