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Oct 18, 2015 10:34 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Oct 18, 2015


The story of the project

You’re a football fanatic, a HUGE premier league supporter or maybe just a casual social player. No matter how you describe your footballing ways there comes a time when you just want a game! In today’s busy world it is not always possible to commit to a season of football or maybe your season has finished for the year. INTRODUCING FOOTBALLR! Jump onto our site and in just a minute you can find or create a casual game near you.

Members are notified of the available games once per week for suitable games close to their location. Footballr has been built to be mobile friendly so that you can check into Footballr during the day and confirm your attendance on the go. 

No more lengthy seasons, commitment to training and bossy coaches. Play when and where you want! Here is an example of our game details page where members can confirm, chat and view game details.

Games are organized by members and run at local parks without referees. Using Footballr you are allocated to a team based on t-shirt colour. This means you know how many people are playing and who will be on your team.

It’s up to you now AUSTRALIA to join the social Footballr Revolution! We have already signed up 1,000s of members, run in excess of 1,000 games, been operating for 2 years, and now we are looking for your support to make our games Australia wide.

How will it work?

We will deliver 250 goals across Australia to groups and individuals who want to organize their own games of social football. The number of goals allocated to your area will be based on the amount of contributions made from your area. If inner Sydney contributes 20% of the funds then they will be allocated 20% of the goals. 

Goals will be available to anyone that wants to start a football game, however we will allocate the goals first to members who contribute to our pozible campaign.

How the funds will be used

The money pledged to our Footballr campaign will cover;

1.   Purchasing 250 goals 
2.  Purchasing 250 Jerseys
3.  Shipping to our office, including dock pickup.
4.  Individual delivery to game organizer locations
5.  Additional money will be allocated to operating costs and extra sets of goals.

By pledging your support you are contributing to a beautiful Australian football community. A community where people of all skill, age, gender, race and fitness levels are welcome! Since we have started running Footballr in 2013 we have helped many players from all walks of life including students and workers build great friendships around their common love for the beautiful game.

Some of my other work

Since graduation at the University of Queensland I have worked full time on Footballr. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have built and sold two web based start-ups whilst studying, and working. My passion is not only football, but building communities and helping members connect around common interest points.


Our main obstacle will be getting enough members to get games going in each city. To help us grow players in all cities we need your help! Share our campaign and website with as many friends as you can and help make Footballr a reality in your city.
Contact Information:

Ben Douglas
Gaius Leong
Natalie Demedio

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