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Oct 16, 2015 9:30 AM ET

Archived: WotSpot – NowHelping you find the perfect place to party tonight

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015

WotSpot Now connects college students in the US who love to party to the most happening clubs in town. Pull real-time data from your social media feeds to find out which spots are jumping and which to skip. If you want the perfect party, you want WotSpot Now.


It’s Saturday night, and you’re looking for a party. No, you’re looking for the party.

You could:

Go from club to club, pay hefty cover charges at each one, and endure horrible music and empty dance floors until you hit the right spot.

Text everyone you know, then check your phone every three seconds until someone recommends a decent place.

Hit up everyone on Facebook, letting everyone know you’re looking to party (including that weird guy who you just know will show up and spoil your night).

Skim your newsfeed, scrolling through endless baby pictures and Somee cards, hoping someone mentions a great party tonight.


Where’s the party? Look at your phone. There’s the party.

WotSpot Now uses a slew of different criteria to find the perfect match:

  • Suitability (what we know you’ll love)
  • Distance (how far is too far?)
  • Quality (how many people can’t stop talking about his place?)
  • Music (because Kenny G is definitely not your thing)

You’ll know who’s there and whether they’re having the time of their life. You’ll hold the portal to the perfect party spot in your hands.


Here’s where we are with WotSpot Now development:

We’ve completed the industry analysis.

We secured our first investment: $50,000 AUD.

We’ve chosen our first launch targets.

We completed the scoping phase.

We developed a comprehensive marketing and communications plan.

We’ve partnered with APPSTER, one of Australia’s leading app development companies, to build the app. We know APPSTER—we’ve been working alongside them for eight months—and we love their work.

They’re going to help us make this thing great, so you can get down to the serious business of finding serious parties.


Jordan Gipson, Concept Director: After five years of US College education where he consistently made the Honors List, Jordan is now dedicated to developing and launching Wotspot Now, a game changing app which provides a solution to a college student’s most common social life problem. An innovator, strategic thinker and talented basketball athlete with a dodgy knee, Jordan has an unmatched enthusiasm for WotSpot Now.

Kylie Porter, Advisor: Kylie Porter is a marketing professional with more than 20 years experience in the marketing, communications and digital field. A successful business owner and operator she provides WotSpot Now with a strategic approach to both business and marketing solutions.

Contact Information:

Jordan Gipson
Kylie Porter

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