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Archived: The Cooking Studio: The First Online Culinary Platform to buy and sell cooking

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The Cooking Studio

Bird’s Eye View

Meet Bob, he loves to eat, but he doesn’t want to eat at restaurant because he likes to eat what’s cooked at home. 

Say hello to Christy, she has a passion to cook. Everybody appreciate her cooking. Christy wants to make money by her cooking skills right from her home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can connect these two people in one platform so they can serve each other? 

That’s why we came up with the idea, introducing “Cooking Studio”. A platform where all food lovers like Bob can order food from cooks like Christy who prepare food in their home.

How it works?

Christy creates a profile in “Cooking Studio” website or mobile app (site not yet up) and she list out all the food items she can make and set their cost. For delivery Christy can dine her customer at her place, or the customer can come and pick up their order or Christy can charge extra delivery fee and deliver herself to the customer. 

Bob is a customer who visits “Cooking Studio’s” website or mobile app. He searches for food he wants to eat and sees that Christy’s listing fits him and place the order by paying the amount to “Cooking Studio” and it’s kept in escrow. 

After Bob gets his food delivered he releases the payment in escrow and leaves a positive feedback for Christy. Christy gets her payment and also leaves a positive feedback for Bob. Bob is Happy to eat his food. Christy is also happy as she gets paid for the food she sold.

The Impact

Think a while, how many of your friends are master chefs, not having a proper way to use their expertise to do a real impact to the society. The same thing is with my friend too, she is a house wife although she is good at cooking she can’t go out and work in a restaurant due to small baby at home and her household responsibilities. Nor can she open up a restaurant due to financial constraint. So we thought many other people might have the same problem that they are missing their opportunity to earn from their passion towards cooking. And there are also people who want to eat food cooked at home rather than restaurants. Then we planned to do this project. So at the first glance you can see two parties are already entitled for benefits. One gets money and the other; foods they love. Going further more through this platform we are planning to: 

  • Give our customers a full freedom to contact the seller so that buyer can ensure that he is paying for the right thing. 
  • Our nutrient section will tell the buyers about the health benefits of each food item available for buying.

What We Need

Let me show you the calculated expenses for the project first. The following will be fulfilled through your funds. 

Complete Websites development and core API programming = $10,000

iOS App development = $5,000

Android App development = $5,000

Rewards and promotion = $5,000

Total = $25,000


I am looking forward to opening the doors to this fully accessible platform in March 2016. Which seems like it is far away, but winters never seemed so short to me before. I am keen and excited and will do whatever it takes to make this happen as soon as possible! Throughout winter I’ll be busy finalizing requirements and UI for website and mobile app and completing the website. Mobile apps will be developed around February 2016.

If this campaign is successfully funded then we can smoothly develop the website and mobile apps. We need your help to make “Cooking Studio” a reality. All donations are appreciated. So pledge whatever amount you can and experience our wide range of perks.

Let’s get this journey started, together. Thank you for helping us to make a cherished dream come true — and as that dream comes to fruition, another goal aspiration becomes possible; A healthy nation and a single place to talk more about the art of culinary.

Risks & Challenges

Everything is bound with rules and regulations. As soon as all the reservations are acquired about the website (host name, server etc.) I’ll be able to kick start with no hesitation. But that does not say that I’m issue free for the next round. Hardships pop up and that is what makes every project unique. Website and mobile apps will be developed through professional developers. There may be alternations in the due dates of launching that they will come ahead or slip back depending on the situation. Any way I’m trying my best to make the whole project stable on time that on delaying would happen

Additionally I think as for all the innovative implementations, convincing you to support this idea and getting you to trust that this unique idea will create ripples of positive action has been and is challenging in itself.

Crowd funding is all about trust, communication, innovation and dedication towards each other. The most important thing is to be honest and stay in touch. I’m here to involve you the process, keep it fun and entertaining, and make sure you get MORE than what you expect.

Enjoy the adventure!


Other Ways You Can Help

Choose not to make a financial contribution? It’s totally OK. If you feel compelled, there are other ways to support the campaign. 

  • Spread the word. Share this campaign on social media, or by word of mouth. 
  • Like us on Facebook
  • We appreciate your ideas; so make them post. Tell us what you feel about our project, improvements etc.
Contact Information:

Khosro Tabak

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