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Oct 16, 2015 5:54 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015


And if music could be seen?

This was the premise from which MUVI Lisboa – International Music Film Festival was born, the only Portuguese specific music film festival, returning to São Jorge’s Theatre for its second edition from December 1st to 6th 2015.

This idea came from our dissatisfaction with the lack of importance given to music in film and we truly hope that you value it.

Around 2.000 people attended the first edition of the festival with 78 films shown, four concerts/lectures and four djsets. It was exclusively funded by FWD Coop cultural cooperative with the help of friends and your precious contribute through this crowdfunding platform.

If you feel the same, if you are dissatisfied and if you want to see music docs, biopics and music videos in this second edition of MUVI Lisboa please join the cause supporting us.

Explaining the project:

We have structured a line-up with three distinct parts:

1. National & International Competitive Sections with feature and short films, documentaries and music videos produced in 2014 and 2015

2. Non-Competitive Section curated by FWD Coop Cultural Cooperative team combining ephemeris within the music industry

3. Side Events like Exhibitions, Parties, Workshops and Showcases

Our goal is to promote and achieve the perfect synergy in order to display the best global music cinema production, ensuring the maximum involvement of the audience who enjoy music and film besides, obviously, music and film industry. This way We hope to promote the creation of thematic Portuguese motion pictures – hundreds of music films are produced each year.

The main objective is that MUVI Lisboa becomes a reference for this type of film in order to serve as a springboard to Portuguese artists, promoting their works in Portugal and internationally, through partnerships with festivals of identical philosophy.

At this time, Call For Entries is open to the registration of your movies in the Competition Section. The production of this project is already well underway with the full support of FWD Coop cultural cooperative.

Naturally the expenses are considerable and without external funding we cannot maintain the viability of the festival.

Adjust your look, the tune has changed.

Soon you will have news from us with the disclosure of some of the movies featured at the festival.


Our steps in the intricacies of production have roughly one year and a half. Together we compose FWD Coop cultural cooperative, a total of five people – Filipe Pedro, Joana Fonseca, Bruno Perdigão, Cláudia Correia, Maria Andrade – with different backgrounds. In our “extra time” we try to germinate ideas and to give them live.

In the beginning we started to produce OUT OF THE BOX project, promoting symbiotic nights between music and other art forms where several shows would happen at the same time. We are talking about dance, theater, poetry, concerts, performances, exhibitions, live splatting and djsets.

Our second project was MUVI Lisboa, an idea that turned into reality when there was a “green light” from EGEAC, owner of São Jorge Theatre, in Lisbon. Only three months to produce the first edition of the festival and we managed to exceed all expectations. We were the organizers and sponsors of this project, which will be on until we extinguish all conditions to keep it alive.

Our friends actively worked on it, whom we are most grateful: Filipa Marta, Catarina Sanches, Mafalda Vieira da Silva, Francisco Ferreira, João Robalo, Inês Sanches, Sara David, Inês Ramos, Beatriz Saraiva, Inês Farinha, Inês Fonseca, Inês Pessoa, Joana Vale, Ana Bernardino, Maria João Bernardo, Cláudia Sousa, Carla Oliveira, Maria Marta, Elsa Dos Santos, Duarte Ferreira, Paulo Albuquerque, Hugo Suíssas, Nicolae Negura, Raquel Silva, Rui Alves de Sousa, Vinicius Wasconcelos, Pedro Ferreira, Ana Marques, António Medeiros.

A project of this nature is complex and requires a solid team where we highlight the following action points:

. Competitive Section (National and International) with films in competition + selection committee of the films

. Films for non-competitive sections

. Translation and subtitling of films

. Converting movies to DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

. Design + copywriting

. Printing and production of graphic elements

. Sponsoring, communication, marketing and media relations

. Volunteers during the days of the festival

. Webdesign + festival site development

. Organization, programming and production of the festival

. Distribution of flyers, posters

. Photography, videos and promotional teasers for the press

. Showcases, workshops, exhibitions, parties

We’re producing the second edition of the festival and we have organized monthly MUVI CALLING parties with the purpose of raising revenue for the festival. You are more than welcome in them where dance is as natural as breathing (next parties are schedule for September 26 and October 31).

Contact Information:

MUVI Lisboa

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