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Oct 16, 2015 3:28 PM ET

Archived: Greedy Girl Ethnic Street Flavors: bringing ethnic street flavors to Cleveland! A first of its kind eatery

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015

Greedy Girl Ethnic Street Flavors

Never Too Late!

I began cooking at the young age of 4 standing by my Mom helping her as she baked Greek delicacies. Later, I watched and helped my grandmother cook her native Greek foods whose taste were so rich they’d make you weep with delight! I have always dreamed of having my own restaurant, but I pursued a medical career instead. For the past 20 years, I have worked in medicine, and all the while the chef in me was longing to be released, sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly.

Culinary Cornucopia Cuisine

In 1999, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit India for the first time and experience the mouth-watering indulgent flavors of Mumbai and Goa. On that visit and many subsequent ones, I learned how to prepare the beloved foods of India. Indian cuisine is very complex and labor-intensive, and the skill and technique fascinates me. Being able to cook wonderful foods that contain multiple layers of savory seasonings and spice further cultivated my love of cooking ethnic foods.

During a lengthy stay in Greece in 2007, I further explored their warm and welcoming food scene and expanded my repertoire of Greek cooking with the addition of street foods from the Islands. All of this cooking experience reinvigorated my ‘restaurant gene.’

Unique. Authentic. Ethnic

I have created a unique menu featuring street foods from the cuisines of India and Greece. This will be the first of its kind in the Cleveland area. My food will be shaped by centuries of passion and soul, and I believe, well received by those looking for authentic ethnic, well-made foods that aren’t frozen, microwaved, or processed. Foods deeply rooted in rich cultural flavors. Although distinctly different cuisines, the two pair well to create a gastronomic indulgence under the common theme of ethnic street foods.

 The Need, The Niche

My market research reveals a diverse population of Americans living in the Eastern Suburbs of Cleveland, of differing generations, and differing ethnic backgrounds, who are generally very educated, cultured, and truly appreciate a unique authentic cuisine. Among these culinary connoisseurs, the number one breakfast/brunch food choice is decidedly ethnic food. I have secured the premises for my restaurant in the newly developed Cedar Taylor neighborhood in Cleveland Heights. The lease is signed and renovations have begun. 

Exceptional Quality, Cost Efficient

Funding the restaurant will be in large part from my own savings. I have worked extremely hard to design my restaurant to be of exceptional quality yet cost efficient. My mom taught me how to be a continuous shopper, and even though she is no longer with us, her lessons are as fresh as the years she gave them. I am in the midst of outfitting the space with the proper kitchen equipment, venting hood with fire suppression system, refrigeration, stove and ovens, fryers and grills. I am also in the process of obtaining multiple estimates for the build out of a counter and dining room and purchasing supplies, chairs, tables and a point-of-sale system.

Casual, Comforting, Quick

My concept is a casual restaurant offering service at the counter with plenty of comfortable seating. The food can be enjoyed inside or taken out to be savored at home or work. It will be freshly prepared, so it will not be fast food, however planning is underway so that meals are ready in quickest manner possible in order to accommodate those who are on their way from or to someplace else. The restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. 

The Chef and Her Culinary Consultants

I am currently defining my role as head chef and am in the process of hiring passionate people to help me deliver my kaleidoscope of aromas, spices and tastes to all of you!  My elder family members will serve as culinary consultants, overseeing the cuisines of their cultures to be sure they reflect their rich heritage. I anticipate that the renovation will be completed by February of 2016 and plan to open the doors to grumbling greedy bellies in March – just in time for a Spring awakening!

The Campaign, The Donors, The Dream

I am looking for dedicated foodies, loyal friends and people passionate about helping local, homegrown entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.    My goal is to raise $44,000, which added to my cash investment, will help to purchase the kitchen venting hood, counter build out and other major equipment and furnishings. 

I am using crowdfunding not only to raise money, but also to connect people to my project, and reward them for their support and passion, and to generate grassroots ambassadors and loyal followers of Greedy Girl and the unique foods and flavors of my cuisine.

Without your generosity, my dream cannot become a reality. I am sincerely humbled and I am so grateful for your donation and support! 

Thank you!

Contact Information:

Eust Kavouras
Karen Vrabec

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