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Oct 16, 2015 4:11 PM ET

Archived: Cepi Style – Empowering Women with Trusted Luxury Commerce

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015

Women of today work hard, play harder, and want to look amazing doing it all.Personal style is a powerful form of communication that influences experiences at work and social events. Seeking out personal style and shopping support is a personal investment more women want to make.

Our original members included professional women from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, PIMCO, Sankaty Advisors, and Park Hill(Hedge Fund). They were so impressed with our take on building our their individual styles that they’ve opened their networks up to us. This kind of momentum will help us with a national launch, so that businesswomen across the country can have access to Cepi Style wherever they are finding and looking for success.

We understand that busy professionals need to represent their aesthetic and look put together, without spending large amounts of time trying to cultivate that look. Cepi Style combines all of the convenience of the on-demand economy and the immediacy of direct, personal interaction, to give busy professional women everywhere unprecedented levels of personalization, choice, and convenience in their wardrobe choices.


There are two different types of shopping available to most consumers: online and in-store. Each of these falls short of the ultimate goal: easily purchasing items that fit a shopper’s body, lifestyle and style.

The biggest problem with online shopping is that you can’t try on a pair of shoes by stepping on your screen. With countless different brands that each have nuances in the way their pieces are designed and photographed, a screen leaves women taking a gamble on important factors like fit, feel and color.

Between work appointments, meetings, and commutes, it’s hard enough for a professional woman to carve out time to spend with the people who matter to her. The last thing she needs is to sacrifice that time driving between stores, standing in lines, frustrated by trying on clothing that doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit her style.

Cepi Style understands that these women have worked hard to be in a place where their style matters – and that they don’t have the time to dedicate to the shopping behind it. So we take the stress out of shopping, while neatly tailoring existing wardrobes to reflect who their member is, how hard they work, and how they want to be perceived whether at work or play.


Cepi Stylists are trained to find garments that compliment individual bodies and accentuate unique personalities. Because they meet with members in person, they have the opportunity to really understand what she wants and needs to display the style she desires.

Our personal stylists meet members in their homes, to prepare them for the world outside of it. They even bring clothing and accessories and cart away everything that doesn’t suit the member’s individual taste when they leave (no more returns!).

Cepi Style’s fashion industry experts have immersed themselves in the details and execution of personal style. They don’t mimic magazines or models – they use their knowledge of the underlying principles of current fashion to create unique looks with their designer resources.

Becoming a member opens the door to making better fashion choices. We provide our members with referrals to great tailors and cobblers, personalized shopping options, and more in order to support their ability to make great choices from the multitude of available options.


Cepi Style helps busy professionals cultivate their style in five easy steps – with no returns, no lines, and no headaches.

Sign up for an introductory closet edit by completing a short survey.

Choose the annual membership service level that best fits your needs.

We upload your virtual closet complete with your clothing, accessories, key looks, and action plan on your Cepi Style profile page.

Manage your looks and style with the ability to shop through your online closet with ongoing support from a Cepi Stylist.

Cepi Style stays abreast of all your style needs and desires to ensure that shopping and styling yourself is productive, efficient and rewarding.


Cepi Style does the legwork so businesswomen can express their style with ease, and their time and resources can be better spent pursuing their passions. We’re not personal shoppers – we’re supporters of style and builders of confidence and that is something our audience gets excited about.

We started out with ten women – smart, successful women with individual styles and preferences. Each one of them has been blown away by the ease of the service, and the profound impact on their wardrobe and lifestyle.

We’re not just bringing a new way to shop to women – we are doing it really well. Members are senior executives at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, PIMCO, Sankaty Advisors, and Park Hill (hedge fund).  They paid for our services, and were so impressed that they’ve offered their networks to us! They also continue to use us to make decisions on purchases and what to wear even without our full platform. That kind of validation speaks for itself.

Our next steps are to expand our member base and build out our web platform, gaining momentum for a national launch.

Interested in learning more about what’s next for Cepi Style and how you can help make it happen? Request access to the Business Plan side of this profile and let’s talk!


Nicole Campbell started Cepi Style because as a professional woman herself, her individual taste evolved from the “loving to shop” phase and graduated into “loving her style”.  Nicole’s observation was that many women in their early thirties wanted to transition in the same way she had and develop their own style – but they had too many choices and not enough service. Having built her own style while navigating the professional world as an executive at Deutsche Bank and as a White House Fellow, she’s passionate about helping other successful women dress for who they are and who they want to become. Thus Cepi Style was born. Nicole’s goal is create a unique platform modeled off of consumer’s true needs and desires and connecting them to powerful resources.

In charge of selecting quality stylists and training them for Cepi Style’s business model, Irini Arakas ensures the QA of our service. She was a Vogue Editor for seven years, and has the network needed to secure relationships with the designers consumers are excited to have access to. Irini started PROVA, an accessories label worn by Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, and displayed in the window of Barney’s.

Contact Information:

Nicole Campbell
Irini Arakas

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