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Oct 16, 2015 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Big Pig Little Pig, BBQ Restaurant: about Low & slow barbecue, baby back ribs, pork shoulder, brisket and more, with craft beer

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015

Big Pig Little Pig, BBQ Restaurant


The story of the project

It all started as two friends swapping slow cooked lamb recipes while working together at a restaurant in Prahran in Melbourne. The idea was hatched to start an American BBQ joint like Fette Sau in New York, and we set about plotting our success. It’s about  Low & slow barbecue, baby back ribs, pork shoulder, brisket and more, with craft beer.  The build in the Moorabbin industrial area (35 Ebden St) is in progress and excitement is beginning to mount. But building a restaurant from scratch is costly, especially the bar side of things, and we need your help to make our dreams come true! Great rewards to be had for you too, from our signature Big Pig Hot Sauce, to trucker hats and T-shirts. Get on board, help out some old hospitality heads and get some sweet rewards!

How the funds will be used

In order to own our own beer taps and not sell our souls to any large beer corporation we need to raise $20,000. This way if you want to drink Stone & Wood Lager from Byron Bay go for it, if you like an IPA from WA it’s yours, or if you’re into a Mountain Goat Steam Ale, well, we are too so we can be friends.

When a beer company own the taps we have to pour a lot of their beer, If we own the taps we can pour whatever the f*** we want. We NEED to own our own beer taps. It makes sense and helps the many awesome microbreweries around Australia, so everybody wins. The plan is to install 8 – 12 beer taps, to deliver us delicious amber liquid for all to enjoy with our lip smacking ribs.

“Beer Pigs”

If beer is for you and you are for beer then pledge, cough up and in a little while come drink! Once you are an official “Beer PIG” you will be able to vote via our online “Beer PIG” forum for what beer goes on tap and be able to offer suggestions for others to vote on too….and most importantly, you will receive your first beer free! That’s right, free piss!

Contact Information:

Eamonn James
Christy Crawford

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