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Oct 16, 2015 9:56 AM ET

Archived: autoCOST: Get control of what your car ownership costs

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015



autoCOST.se is a site where individuals and businesses can compare the all-inclusive costs of car ownership. autoCOST.se is an independent site that helps individuals and businesses to control and monitor the all inclusive true cost of car ownership over time. Despite the large purchase price of vehicles and the significant portion of most people’s personal finances the running costs represent, there is still a general lack of knowledge regarding the car’s all inclusive total cost over time, which often leads many individuals as well as businesses into negative surprises. Using autoCOST.se these operators are provided with relevant and independent information about the total cost of vehicle ownership realized. Utilising autocost.se, visitors can compare the cost of both their private car and work car, with or without mileage compensation and also compare the cost with other cars and models, etc. which provides a clear picture of the comprehensive costs of car ownership. Customers can utilise the site to hold talks with independent advisors and also have access to a dealer for a quote, funding, etc.

The Market

Each year approximately 275,000 new cars are sold in Sweden (approximately 3 million in Germany, 7 million in the USA and about 4.5 million in Japan). The purchasing of both private and commercial cars usually follows the traditional pattern of those seeking comprehensive information on the various car sites followed by visits to a number of car dealers and abstracting the subjective sales arguments which can be difficult to compare. Those wishing to make a more evidence-based and comprehensive comparison between different vehicle models in terms of performance, features, safety, economy, environment, etc. are reduced to self-compile this information abstracted from the above mentioned car dealers and car sites. The dealers and car sites are also heavily dependent on and connected to the motor trade and tend to act as an extended arm to the existing car industry. Furthermore, the images on the websites are often of poor quality and the customer is directed to the car dealer in question to thereby control the customer’s purchasing decision in conjunction with a subjective car-salesmen. Today, there is no site that displays a car’s all-inclusive total cost to the driver over time.


Currently, there are a number of competitors to autoCOST.se but most car sites and other price comparison websites have chosen not to focus on total cost of ownership/lease the car (ie. the ‘all-inclusive’ total cost over time). These sites are also more or less competitors in regard to attracting attention among potential car buyers media consumption.

Actors in car comparisons in the Swedish market can be divided into the following categories: – Car dealers’ advertising sites – Finance companies advertising sites – Comparison Sites for professionals, corporate “Fleet managers” – Car dealers’ comparison sites – Consumer Agency


The leader in creating and implementing transactions between buyers and sellers of vehicles through independent advice and distance selling.

What autoCOST.se solving

autoCOST.se will enable both private individuals and companies to access independent and relevant facts about cars of all car models on the Swedish market (later also other markets) in a simple and educational way, to be able to make their own comparisons of the cars’ total cost, performance, etc. of the user friendly and visual interface. Via autoCOST.se visitors can get in touch with an independent advisor for the choice of car, financing, delivery, etc.

Contact Information:

Jonas Lindholm
Björn Lindkvist

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