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Oct 16, 2015 6:20 PM ET

Archived: Amolli Soap: Amolli handmade soap products bring a hint of luxury with a price for the common consumer.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015
Personal Story

Who is Ella Diaz? I am a mother, wife, friend, sister and a woman of faith. I am fiercely independent and believe in every being there is at least an ember that burns within our hearts to achieve success: no matter how we measure it. My children are grown, working in their own successful business started by their father. We are proud of our Mexican heritage and consider ourselves bessed to be living in New York with all its diversity. It is here I have learned about different ethnic groups and have embraced city life, as opposed to the rural setting where I grew up.

For many years I have worked for the others, raising a family and working multiple jobs at a time. I was always in demand; though that did not translate into fair or adequate pay. I would always think that I could do better on my own; but I lacked the knowledge and resources to try. Several years ago I decided to turn my passion for making soap into a business; earnestly seeking out classes on how to improve both the process of making soap, as well as attending seminars on understanding the business of soap making (see the recent list below). The more I learned, the more confidence I gained.

Back Porch Soap Company
Cold Process Soap Making Class with Angela Carillo
Essentials Oils Skin Care Seminar with Robert Tisserand
Organic & Herbal Facial Spa Products for Women & Men
NYC How to Run a Successful Bath & Body Business
Bramble Berry
Soap Crafting Club
Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild 2015 Conference

It is time for me to share my abilities to bring small pleasures into the lives of others through my personal care products.

Business Description

I have always been handy and enjoy those things that many others may find mundane; such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, and crafts. Within the past two years I have developed my passion for making soap into a viable business. Though my resources are limited, I have achieved some recognition for my imagination and hard work, gaining customers in all walks of life. In addition to my website and Facebook page, I am a vendor at select street fairs. Yet, this is a slow process and quite erratic, often dependent on the weather and demographics, which are limited largely to the neighborhood of the street fair.

As a budding entrepreneur, the initiate and drive is ever present to realize my goal of expanding our product line of fine scented soaps for men and women. Amolli products bring a hint of luxury with a price for the common consumer. To grow, there are two needs: (1) it is imperative to increase brand recognition through a focused and cost-effective marketing plan. Advertising dollars used correctly should be seen more as an investment than an expense (2) inventory growth requires a larger amount and wider assortment of staples such as chemicals, molds, containers, and packaging.
This is the type of product that while it may appear to be an extraneous expense, it is priced low enough for those times people want to treat themselves special. It also makes low cost, highly personalized gifts: especially when we can provide unique packaging. One of my ideas is to design a simple but memorable and reusable container: which will assist in brand recognition as well as being utilitarian after the soap is gone. I am proud of my creativity and the ability to make other happy. Most of all, I think my work ethic is paramount.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will use the loan to purchase more supplies and equipment as well as spend a portion on marketing.
– I will be spending $1,550.00 on equipment
– I will use $2,500 to buy more materials and
– $2,450 of this loan will be used for marketing.

The marketing will help spread the word about my product and help me to get my name out a little more. The supplies and equipment will be used to increase the amount of product I am able to produce.

I hope that with this loan my business will be able to grow.

*** Perks for Lenders: ***
Thanks for supporting my loan! I’d like to offer all my lenders a PERK for supporting me. Everyone who loans will receive a 10% off discount for our products when we are fully funded. Please see the Conversations tab for more details.

Contact Information:


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