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Oct 15, 2015 1:51 PM ET

The world’s first customized book? Your unique guide to the new reality of work

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 15, 2015

The world’s first customized book?

The number one key to an exceptional professional life is: Get famous for what you haven’t done. Yet.

Doubt us? Well, do you remember when the iPhone first entered the market? People stood in line for hours to get something they hadn’t even seen before. All due to the expectations it created.

But the iPhone wasn’t finished when you got it in your hand. More or less every day, the product is improved by new beta versions of apps, operational systems or even new releases of the phone itself. That’s the new logic in the Beta Paradigm. Constant progress.

What if this is not just true for the iPhone but for you, your career and your business as well? Are you ready to launch yourself in Beta and get famous for what you haven’t done…yet?

The way to a successful professional future is to head off for being remarkable and stand out as unique. Then, of course you can’t read the same book as everyone else. That’s why we aim to write your YOUnique guide to the new reality.

To be able to complete this project we need your support. There’s no customized book today so we’re breaking new ground here. If you’d like to be part of this project, please check out the alternative ways to support us.

We’re forever grateful for your support and more than happy that you’re one of the persons that are going to change the world. Thank you! <3

Per and Kristina

Who is this for?

This customized book is for you as an entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer or any other professional willing to challenge yourself and set off for Your Next Big Thing. You want to use your work to create positive change and you see things as they could be rather than as they are. You’re willing to disrupt traditional ways of doing things that no longer work. You’re one of those crazy enough to think you can change the world, which means you’re likely to actually do.

The story of this project

Our ambition is to challenge you as a professional to stand out being remarkable and set off for your next big thing. When we first met some years ago we started discussing how the professional life is transforming but that very few seems to realize what great opportunities this means – both for individuals and organizations. We’re fascinated by the fact that we’re continuing doing things just “because we’ve always done it” or “because we have to”. And we’re thrilled about how can we get access to our full potential and create new fantastic products, services, offers – you name it. One of the keys is to switch our mindset from being stuck in the past and realize that the future is about the future – time to get famous for what you haven’t done…yet. Another key is to embrace the concept of Beta and start before we’re ready (because “ready” is something we’ll never be ;) ) And a third key is to realize that you have the capacity of being remarkable in your field of work.

We think all professionals will benefit from implementing these keys and therefore we’re doing our very best to spread the ideas, to inspire and challenge you to set off on this exciting off road experience. That’s why we’re writing this book.

Per Frykman

What You Can Expect From Me: I want to challenge you to take your professional reputation to a new dimension and stand out being remarkable. My ambition for you as an entrepreneur or consultant is to help you in promoting the things that are crucial today to attract new exciting and profitable customers or investors. I want to bring everyone to the next level by making you understand the exceptional power of your professional reputation.

Kristina Närman

What You Can Expect From Me: I want to inspire you to set off for your next big thing and challenge you to stay in startup mode. My ambition for you as a progressive, non-traditional entrepreneur/intrapreneur is to help you make your business the fast-growing, disruptive and nimble force you’d like it to be. I want to help you understand how to break free from limiting structures and unleash the power of your next big thing.

Some examples of what you can read in the book

Cracking The Code Of Being Hired. Your reputation kicks off the crucial expectations of what you will accomplish next and how you will do it. It´s actually about being famous for what you haven’t done – yet. Let’s face it, people will buy from you, work with you, invest in you and hire you based on your professional reputation and the expectations that are tied to it. This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and history.

If You Dig It – Gig It! Forget about 5 year plans and strategies for your future professional life. Today, it’s more of an off-road experience grabbing hold of all the new opportunities that emerge on your radar screen. We see traditional job structures deteriorate and the numbers of entrepreneurs and freelancers increase – it’s the emerging Gig-economy where people move from project to project – from gig to gig. If you dig it – take the chance and gig it!

The Contradiction Of Planning. A plan turns your beliefs into action, which is the key to make change happen. But a plan also risks limiting your options. Too rigorous planning with too long time perspective actually hinders you from seeing the opportunities around you. What to do? Plan no longer than two steps ahead to make sure your next move maximize the opportunities for the step after. Commit to constant beta, to continuous growth and stay in startup mode!

The Future Is The Future. The future is the future, not the past. “Yes, of course. Stupid statement”, you might think. We ask you to think again: When applying for a new job, what do we focus on? Our past experience. When marketing our services, what do we talk about? Our past projects. What if we say it’s potential, not experience that decides whom will get hired, or chosen for the project? Research shows that’s the truth. It’s time you start lead with Your Next Big Thing. Because in the future, it is the future that counts. Not the past!

The Importance Of Doing The Un-important. To be able to reinvent and innovate we need to dedicate time to work on things that are unapproved and maybe even thought to be stupid. We need to find time to explore those crazy ideas that might be useless, but could just as well turn out to be the ones changing the game. We need to understand the importance of working on the unimportant!

The Nerd Factor. An important part of working with and expanding your reputation is to embrace a niche, be visible as an expert, to be top of mind, the person people will listen to and trust. Jack of all trades, the master of none is a figure of speech more important than ever. It’s about the nerd factor!

You – The New Rockstar! Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn wrote in his book ”The Startup of You” that entrepreneurship is a life idea, not strictly a business one. In the upcoming Gig economy many will choose freelancing and entrepreneurship as a lifestyle, working from places where you enjoy life, feel creative and stay focused. We will run small, specialized companies, collaborate and sell our services globally. Big organizations beware! Thanks to today’s technology, those small companies can quickly join forces and create great things! Entrepreneurs, moving from one great gig to another, are the new rockstars. Like you.

Why should I support the Beta Paradigm?

You have a desire to be remarkable. You’re ready to set off on an off road experience and explore the endless opportunities of the future. You’d like to break new grounds and push things forward. You think it’s time we see things as they could be rather than as they are. You want something as unique as yourself, guiding your mind on this exciting journey.

What do you mean with The Beta Paradigm?

The iPhone and the digital development changed a lot, not to say everything. We think that the change is so fundamental we’d call it a paradigm – The Beta Paradigm. A paradigm where being in constant Beta is the only reliable strategy. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves and our businesses to be remarkable. Innovate or die, as the tech industry has known for quite some time. Remember, average is over.

What is your intention with this project?

We’re on a mission to set business and work life in Beta Mode. Where we acknowledge that there’s no time for extensive planning and goal setting – we need to start before we’re ready. Where we strive towards being remarkable in our field of work. Where we never settle but continue exploring and pushing opportunities to get famous for what we haven’t done… Yet.

Contact Information:

Kristina Närman

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