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Oct 15, 2015 6:49 PM ET

Archived: Stories from my World…in French: to help children and their family to have fun together

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 15, 2015

Stories from my World…in French


We aim to help children and their family to have fun together and stay emotionally and culturally connected with each other. There is no other product/ concept like this on the market. This is the next step for communication via video chat.
I would like to develop “Stories from my World”, a web application that helps bilingual children improve their minority language skills and stay connected with their grandparents or other family members who live overseas. “Stories from my World…in French” provides e-book stories, songs, and Show & Tell activities in French for children and their grandparents to do together during their weekly video calls. The web app will be free but will require users to register and pay a fee per month to use the content.
More than 200 million people in the world live outside of their country nowadays. In 2014, about 2,5 million French people lived outside of France. Families feel more and more disconnected from each other and tend to loose their cultural identities and languages. In the future, “Stories from my World” will also be developed in other languages, such as German, English, Italian, Spanish, etc. to help other expatriate families to stay connected with their loved ones.
I have been working on the content of this concept for the last 10 months and have a business plan ready to send if you need. I am now looking for funding to develop the “Stories from my World” web app. Send me an email if you have any questions! Thank you.

What makes this app so unique

  • We leverage technology to create a place where children of expatriate families and their grandparents can do fun and simple activities together, like if they were living close to each other; a place where culture and language can be passed onto the next generation through stories, songs and conversations; a place where family members can create memories and connections, despite the distance. There is no other app like this on the market.
  • The concept of sharing activities during a video chat is new and exciting so parents will want to try for their children. Our product is the only one that responds to educational (language skills), emotional (connection with family) and cultural needs (preservation of cultural identity).
  • Here are five reasons why families of French bilingual children should use “Stories from my World”:
  • 1. User-friendly technology: easy to use by both children and their grandparents. Benefit from online support as well if needed.
  • 2. Parents offer their children and their grandparents the chance to spend some regular quality & memorable time together. No more empty and boring video call!
  • 3. The French e-books will be carefully selected and filtered by age group, to keep the children interested.
  • 4. Children get a chance to practice their French with their family and improve their comprehension skills and vocabulary through stories and songs but also their expression skills through My Story of the Week. This won’t feel like homework at all.
  • 5. “Stories from my World…in French” was created by the parent of two bilingual children. I understand the joys and struggles of raising bilingual children and I know what other parents need. Parents of users will benefit from regular tips and interact with other parents/ grandparents on our bilingual community pages.

Why we need your support

  • Develop, design & launch the web app
  • Implement marketing plan
  • Develop and launch mobile app version for iPads and Android/ Windows tablets



Contact Information:

Stories from my World

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