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Oct 15, 2015 2:27 PM ET

Archived: Mogees – Transform anything into a musical instrument.: Mogees gives you an entire world of new creative possibilities. Just stick the Mogees sensor to anything around you and play the world!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 15, 2015

Mogees transforms anything into a musical instrument, giving you an entire world of new creative possibilities. Just stick the Mogees sensor to anything around you and play the world!

1. STICK THE MOGEES: Attach the Mogees to the object you want to play


2. RECORD YOUR GESTURES: Train the Mogees app to recognise different types of hits or strikes on an object


3. CHOOSE YOUR SOUNDS: Associate these gestures to individual sounds or MIDI notes


4. PLAY THE WORLD: Transform any object into a musical instrument



The Mogees sensor captures every vibration you create as you play any object to which it is attached. We have spent 12 months designing this sensor, an extremely high quality contact microphone and the first ever to be designed to work with smartphones. Our custom Mogees adapter also allows you to use it with standard audio equipment and computers.

Mogees is literally plug & play – simply select your instrument and start playing; Mogees will detect the audio frequency generated by your gesture and will tune the sound of your instrument accordingly.

But there is so much more… you can create your own bespoke instrument or MIDI controller using our innovative gesture recognition technology. Just record a few examples of taps and scratching, perhaps hitting different objects as well. You can then associate each of these with a different sound or MIDI note.

Each gesture you record can be either associated to MIDI notes, samples or one of our growing collection of Mogees sound engines, specially designed to allow fine grain control over synthesis parameters with your gestures. We are working on many more sound engines that will be available soon.

MIDI is the universal language of digital music. Through MIDI, you can fully integrate Mogees with other audio gear.

SYNC MOGEES WITH YOUR EXISTING TRACKS: Send MIDI notes from your sequencer to the Mogees plug into synchronise your live performance with existing tracks.

MIDI OUTPUT: Use Mogees as a MIDI Controller. Your gestures can trigger different MIDI notes and control any synth or effect. Control a reverb effect by hitting the side of a drum. Trigger an Ableton clip from your guitar. Play your favourite drum samples by tapping different parts of a table. MIDI Velocity control and multiple MIDI channels allows for maximum flexibility within your setup.

Full Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatibility allows you to use Mogees alongside other music apps such as Garageband or LoopyHD.

The Audio Unit and VST plugin for Mac allows you to use Mogees within your favourite digital audio software such as Ableton Live, Logic, Garageband, or FL Studio. Use multiple Mogees simultaneously via a multi-channel audio interface.

The Mogees app is compatible with iPhone 4s or later with any device running iOS 8 or later.

  • Software download and registration codes for iOS & Mac and Windows
  • Mogees vibration sensor
  • 3.5mm TRRS to 6.5mm TS jack adapter
  • Flight case
  • Quick start guide
  • 2 x re-washable adhesive pads

Mogees includes three detachable and re-washable PU polymer adhesive pads designed for maximum acoustic clarity. No more blue-tack or duct tape. This microphone can be used independently from the Mogees app with any audio recorder application offering limitless sound design potential.

Vibration Sensor Specifications: 

The Mogees vibration sensor is a high quality contact microphone made with a durable chrome finished aluminium shell and acoustically transmissive engineered polymer base. As the first contact microphone designed specifically for use with smart-phones, an included adapter also allows you to use standard 1/4” guitar cables to connect to audio interfaces and other audio equipment.

  • Diameter: 40mm 
  • Height: 20mm
  • Weight: 30.6g
  • Cloth-braided Microphone Quality 3.5mm cable with male TRRS termination – 60cm 
  • Female 3.5mm TRRS to Male 6.35mm adapter

Software Specifications 

  • Smartphone application for iOS 8+ 
  • VST & Audio Unit plugin for Mac OSX 10.7, Windows 
  • 3 different sound engines 
  • Gesture recognition technology 
  • Audiobus & Inter-App Audio compatibility 
  • MIDI Compatibility

Mogees features revolutionary real-time gesture recognition technology. Mogees is one of the first electronic musical instruments to apply the power of machine learning to music creation, allowing any object to be converted into a playable musical instrument. When attaching the Mogees sensor to the object you wish to play, you can then train the software to recognise different types of gestures. 

Gestures can be hits, scratches and taps around different parts of the object. By analysing the vibration patterns created as you play an object with the sensor attached, the Mogees software will identify which gesture you have performed and trigger the corresponding sound or MIDI note. All of this happens in just milliseconds, giving you the instant feedback you expect from a musical instrument.

About Mogees Physical Modelling Re-synthesis

The MUON sound engine included with the Mogees software uses the signal from the sensor as the audio input to a virtual resonant model which replicates the vibration patterns found within natural materials such as glass, metal, and wood. As the quality of the sound remains intact on the output, the nuanced differences between the scratch of a nail and the thud of a thumb can be heard as you perform.

Why we’re back on Kickstarter

In Early 2014 you made the first edition of Mogees a reality. We shipped over 1500 units across the world and through your feedback, support, and music we received global attention. Since our first Kickstarter, our team has grown to include top notch researchers in the fields of music technology and machine learning, resulting in the development of this new generation of Mogees.

We are back on Kickstarter to give you exclusive early access to our new product. We already have a small number of Mogees packaged and ready to go and many more can now be quickly manufactured.

Contact Information:

Mogees Ltd.

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