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Oct 15, 2015 9:22 AM ET

Archived: GarageSkins – Affordably transform your garage door in less than an hour!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 15, 2015

With GarageSkins, it’s never been easier or more affordable to completely transform the look and feel of your beautiful home. With our do-it-yourself kits, simply open the box, take our patented panels out, and snap them onto your garage door to dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal… all in less than one hour!  Our rare-earth magnets embedded in each panel firmly attach your GarageSkins system in place and keep it there throughout the opening and closing processes. Tested to withstand extreme climate conditions and high winds, our GarageSkins panels will instantly transform your boring metal garage door into the most prominent and attractive feature of your home! 


In neighborhoods all over the country, beautiful new homes are being built with gorgeous real-wood carriage-house style garage doors. For the new homeowner, it’s a beautiful sight.

For the neighbors who are stuck with a boring old steel garage door, not so much.

To get the same look for your garage door, you’d need to replace the entire door.

That’ll be $10,000, please.

Who wants to pay that kind of money—not to mention go through all that hassle—for a garage door?


With our GarageSkins system, you don’t have to break the bank to transform your curb appeal.  

You don’t even have to replace the entire door.

In fact, you don’t have to change anything at all on your existing door!  Engineered to fit the over 30 million metal overhead garage doors in America alone, GarageSkins panels come ready to install right out of the box.  Just take them out and snap them on.

Designed to mimic the look of a $10,000 real-wood, carriage-house style garage door, GarageSkins overlay panels give you a high-end designer look at a fraction of the cost.  

And they can be installed by almost anyone in less than an hour!

With the same dimensionality and finishes you would find on a high-end solid wood garage door, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between our GarageSkins systems and a $10,000 garage door.  Make no mistake, these are not just a plastic simulation, they are real hardwood veneers overlaid onto very lightweight substrates and finished with yacht-grade coatings to ensure longevity.


GarageSkins are real wood-veneered panels with powerful rare-earth magnets built right in.  Our do-it-yourself kits ship directly to you.

You simply open the box, take out the panels, and snap them onto your existing garage door.  They are packaged in order so that you don’t even have to figure out the pattern.  Just work left-to-right and bottom-to-top and watch the transformation happen before your eyes!

If you can attach a standard kitchen magnet to your garage door, you can transform your curb appeal with GarageSkins.

The rare-earth magnets make attaching GarageSkins panels easy, and keep them firmly in place in all weather conditions.

Plus, our wood panels are pre-aged so they won’t fade or discolor. Just look at these results!

And with our custom hardware options, you can make any garage door truly unique!


GarageSkins is getting a lot of attention. We’ve already fielded interest from home improvement shows on these quality networks:

Retailers are taking note, too. We’ve heard from:


But the most important attention is coming from customers who can’t wait to transform the look of their garage doors. We already have a waiting list of 290 customers representing $350,000 in revenue!

It is foreseeable that builders and remodelers will begin recommending to their high-end customers that instead of installing a $10K wooden door, they install a basic steel door with a GarageSkins overlay system which, along with being much more affordable, will allow the homeowner to change out their look down the road as design trends change.  This shift will drastically affect the profitability of garage door manufacturers and will open future acquisition discussions.


Rick Medlen, Founder & CEO: With an electrical engineering background and a sales and management career, Rick Medlen is uniquely poised to provide leadership to GarageSkins, Inc. throughout the start-up and growth phases. Having been in key management positions in fast-growth companies and transformative leadership roles in the non-profit world, Rick’s skill-set encompasses all the necessary qualities to guide GarageSkins, Inc. to great success.  With almost 3 years developing this business full-time and $100K personal investment, Rick is fully committed to bringing the GarageSkins product to market.

(Name disclosed under NDA), VP of Sales & Marketing: As key member of senior management in an international home improvement company, she directly manages an external sales force of 350 professionals and is responsible for revenue generation for her $100M company. In her current role she regularly meets with senior management at partner companies such as Home Depot and DirectBuy.  She deeply believes in the GarageSkins product and business model, and is committed to leading the GarageSkins, Inc. marketing and service team once we are ready to begin customer-facing operations.

(Name disclosed under NDA), CFO: Currently Corporate Controller for a $500M company, he also has direct oversight for their 11,000 SKU inventory. At previous firm as corporate controller he assisted in their merger process and was first in line for the CFO position for the surviving entity before choosing to relocate back to Oregon to raise his family.  He is acting as advisor until we are positioned to need a full-time CFO.

Jim Russell, Manufacturing Advisor: Jim Russell currently owns Russell Manufacturing which has products on the shelves at Home Depot. As an industry-recognized leader in automation, he is committed to making GarageSkins, Inc.’s manufacturing process as efficient and lean as possible.

Contact Information:

Rick Medlen
Jim Russell

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