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Oct 14, 2015 9:38 AM ET

Archived: Open to Give: Increased email marketing engagement through cause marketing

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2015

Open to Give is a clever twist on email marketing that dramatically improves engagement. By tying retailers’ charitable contributions directly to engagement with promotional emails consumers are already subscribed to, Open to Give creates more meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.


The inbox has become a sacred place. More and more marketers and content providers have come to realize that email marketing has become their primary advertising medium in the digital advertising sphere. Email, for them, has has essentially replaced physical direct mail.At the same time, a parallel trend is afoot: the decline of direct mail marketing. It costs a retail business an average of 30 cents per household to send a postcard, a significant cost barrier. The cost to send an email, by comparison, is negligible. All this combines to drive the need for smarter email marketing to new heights.


As brands rush to embrace the inbox as a marketing tool, they’re turning away from the stale methods that have dominated email marketing for the past 20 years.

Cause marketing has emerged as the dominant solution to better email marketing engagement. In a word, cause marketing is where it’s at.

Open to Give creates new opportunities for brands to engage their customers by encouraging them to open and interact with promotional emails.


Imagine the power of this simple message:

With that simple message, Open to Give creates more engaged customers.

OtG integrates with your existing campaigns…

To utilize Open to Give, our brands simply send the same promotional emails they’re already sending to customers. They’ll send out one promotional email that announces the partnership, and notifies the customer that subsequent email opens will trigger donations.

…And capitalizes on actions users are already performing.

A symbol will appear in the subject line of each email:

e.g: <2¢>

…signifying to the customer that the email is an opportunity for a charitable contribution. If the user opens the email, a donation (e.g 2 cents) is awarded to the brands chosen charity. If they interact with the email (by clicking on a link), another donation is made.

It’s the easiest way to give. Who could resist the opportunity to raise funds for a good cause simply by opening an email?


The first iteration of Open to Give is already built, fully tested, and out in the wild. Two retail users are onboard, and are seeing great results.

Best of all, no one is doing what Open to Give is doing. It’s the first product of its kind, and we’re proud to be first to market at such a critical juncture in the email marketing industry.

Our technology is patent-pending, but we’re ready to take our infrastructure and its capabilities to the next level. We plan to expand into other areas of social media because, let’s face it, social media marketing needs an injection of smart marketing, too.


Barry Zolty, CEO: Barry has extensive experience in direct marketing, and has held prior roles as CEO. He leads the business developent and business strategy initiatives.

Joseph Cohen, COO: Joseph is a veteran operations manager, and a key piece of the management team.

Paiman Allage, CTO: Paiman is founder and CEO of AriesTCO, and is the main architect of the technology behind OtG.

Contact Information:

Barry Zolty
Joseph Cohen
Paiman Allage

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