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Oct 14, 2015 5:31 PM ET

Adopt-A-Garden: Matches People with Gardens

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2015

Adopt-A-Garden: Matches People with Gardens

Connect gardeners everywhere through Adopt-A-Garden, the largest online gardening community.

Adopt a Garden Logo


It’s simple. Adopt-A-Garden wants to be the largest online platform for gardeners. 

Adopt-A-Garden wants to connect gardeners everywhere and we want the community and fellow gardeners to OWN it so gardeners drive the decisions and connections, and not a corporate entity.   

Why Do We Want To Do This?  

Because if change can’t happen in our own backyards, then where can it happen?

In Australia we have 7 million households with a garden. Imagine if we could connect all those gardeners.  

Adopt-A-Garden started out with an area becoming gentrified and well established gardens disappearing, ripped up and mulched with no value placed on the time to cultivate. 

Imagine if Gardeners are connected all around the world. If that could happen it would be a powerhouse of gardeners who could inform, educate, exchange and become a community, a community who will make sure that our future generations can smell the roses too! 

Imagine eating real organics grown in someone’s yard as opposed to buying organics from a supplier where there is no regulation around what really is organic. If it’s grown in the yard, you can’t get more organic than that! 

Climate change is a hot topic and if you believe it then you will understand the importance that backyards will soon have. In some parts of China they can’t grow on their own soil. Imagine if you could connect with someone in China from another part of the world and grow for them?  

We have big dreams and visions for AAG but we need to start small grassroots style.

We want to reach our tipping point so if this project doesn’t hook you in then please share it with a gardener – they say surfers only know the feeling of being a true surfer- well it’s the same with gardeners. 

If you have touched soil, planted a seed, walked in a private garden, smelt the roses your neighbours have grown, eaten blackberry’s straight from your nanna’s yard, plucked fresh lemon from your tree, ended up outdoors in the middle of rainstorm to save your Lilly Pilly tree from drowning, cultivated a baby bonsai into a master piece or just even know that gardens are important then please help us reach our vision. 


Our venture team is a group of young professionals and gardeners who are keen to make this happen.  

We are starting out grassroots, here with this community, because grassroots is where every great garden starts!   

We want YOU to be part of the garden launches in Australia and if you donate elsewhere as soon as we grow and expand you will be personally invited by the Founder, Emma House.    There are lots of other great incentives so please visit our incentives section to understand more. 

Our plan is to start connecting gardeners straight away and start spreading the word so if you aren’t keen on donating please share with a gardening friend who will. 

Join the Adopt-A-Garden Community on Social Media – you can get updates on our progress! 


For more information, email:  [email protected] and check out our Venture page here



Tipping Point Goal: $20,000

Total Funding Goal: $80,000

Tipping Point goal

Our tipping point is $20,000.   Our tipping point will cover website development, insurance, and legal.   It will also cover a headquarter base for us to take in plants and start to find them new homes! 

Ultimate goal

Our ultimate goal is $80,000

This will cover everything contained in our tipping point plus a headquarter base for 6 months, a rented vehicle for plant pick up, access to photographer for site users selling their entire garden, print media and events. 

Our ultimate aim is to grow, grow, grow and connect as many gardeners as possible. 

You can view our Adopt-A-Garden strategic proposal including a full listing of what we will be spending our budget on at this link.


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