Island Eyes: Hedonistic impulse at its finest; right into the hands of the Thai Mafia. Wanderlust, corruption, delusion and escape - a true story. - iCrowdNewswire

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Oct 13, 2015 2:51 PM ET

Island Eyes: Hedonistic impulse at its finest; right into the hands of the Thai Mafia. Wanderlust, corruption, delusion and escape – a true story.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 13, 2015

There are three things I want to share; my story, a philosophy in development and my inspirations.

The story. It’s totally cool! I’m going to pick out some key features and intrigue you into wanting more.

One day, I don’t know why, I emptied my bank account into a one-way ticket, opened up my room as a ‘material possessions buffet’ and flew to Bangkok City.

Months later, I’ll explain how, I find myself working for the Thai Island Mafia. Controlling, corrupting and sinking into a delusion of invincibility that, purely for reasons of consequence, I hope you never experience.

Another day, three years later, I’m standing on the Thai side of the Malaysian border. Bribes divided between pockets, years past my visa and sweat dripping from my fingertips. A horrible feeling of doubt crept up from behind, and I broke into a run.

The Philosophy. I think there are two great ways to change your life through other people’s experiences; the reaffirmation of ideas you have already explored, and the expansion of these ideas practiced, researched and reconstructed. The concept of a minimalist lifestyle is far from new. I have something different. Application involves a change in mind-set and a learning curve that, with my words, you can easily apply to some aspects of your life.

My inspirations: These are the stories of others. True impulse travellers and unconventional minds. In my easy reading and adventurous style I will talk you through the ludicrous, obscene and highly enlightened minds that have been shared with me throughout my epic adventure.

Proof in the pudding: I’m not so good on camera wearing all these clothes, but I hope the images helped a little. I prefer to express myself with written words. Although the tone of the tale changes by the chapter, I have copy/paste an excerpt for you to read here.

‘’Don’t judge a book by its cover’’…but what about the crab? An explanation is necessary; that crab is my metaphorical alter ego. Soon after my arrival on the island I had a brief moment with a determined looking crab, starting a journey of his own. Perched atop of a flip flop slowly riding the current out to sea. I revisit the crab, fictionally, in a way to explore hedonism and self-affirmation.

Where does the money go? It goes a long way. With this project funded successfully I will make it to the finish line and you can be one of the first to read what I expect to become an iconic adventure travel bucket-list read.

What happens if it fails? If a Kickstarter doesn’t reach its goal, a Clem has to start over. Nobody is charged and I take on my project with a new angle, but let’s not let it come to that.

The timeline. Writing 80,000 words isn’t difficult, I’ve deleted more than that getting this far. Writing something permanent, that will transform my life, make a real difference and keep readers on the edge of their seats for years to come, takes a little more time.

The rewards. A Kickstarter reward acts as a thank you for supporting me. Everyone to claim any reward will receive the finished novel to show how their reward has helped me reach my goal.

If you’re excited to claim one of the higher value rewards, I love you a little bit. Here are some things you should know. I’m excited to fly anywhere at any time, but, to keep me alive, out of prison and in touch with my family; I’m not keen on Thailand, Malaysia or Christmas.

Rewards with flights; why do I only charge you for a one way flight? I love the adventure, andwho says you should pay for it all… maybe I wanted to go there anyway.

Limited rewards; why are some rewards limited? Time. As much as I would love to fly all over the world, plastering you with honey and taming lions, I have a book to finish and all these delicious people to send it to.

Something to follow; updates, samples & more.

Enjoy some copy/paste excerpts of Island Eyes as I make progress here.

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Check my Twitter feed from time to time here.

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