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Oct 13, 2015 9:33 AM ET

Havsies Popcorn – creative & healthy popcorn: the perfectly popped pair

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 13, 2015

Havsies Popcorn – creative & healthy popcorn



My mom beat cancer twice after 8 long years. 

One thing we always did together when she was sick was make popcorn. The best popcorn anyone’s ever had.

As a model I always struggled with eating disorders. So I wanted to create a guilt free snack that people could actually enjoy. That actually TASTED like something and was satiating. Enter Havsies Popcorn.

Inspired in the kitchen of Lois, perfected in the kitchen of Kate. 

Our brand is Havsies. 

Half savory, half sweet. Go ‘havsies’ on it with a friend. The flavors are created to compliment each other, so that you can go back and forth or just pick one you’re in the mood for. Each flavor is represented by a culture we love: Paris, Mexico, the south, the east coast….each with a savory and sweet component. 

All ingredients are natural. The bursting flavors are coming from SPICES, not FAT. My mom had to change the way she cooked when she was diagnosed with Cancer, that journey led us to the most creative ways to make a dish flavorful, without all the garbage. 

We’re looking for 5,000$ as startup capital for ingredients, packaging, and an online fullfillment center, just as a start to get the kernel popping. We also have a spectacular PR company were looking to partner with that has skyrocketed friends of mine’s companies past their wildest dreams. 

Contact Information:

Kate Havness

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