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Oct 13, 2015 1:10 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Oct 13, 2015



My name is Terence. I’m the managing editor of Ignite Orlando FL.com. I’ve always believed that I should control my own financial destiny. I’m so passionate about that belief, that on March 23, 2012, I walked out of corporate America, a source of unending dissatisfaction, and vowed to take financial control of my life. The consequences of that decision have been many.

I love everything about Orlando: visiting theme parks, dining at the nicest restaurants, and relaxing poolside at a nice hotel. I love doing things most people don’t associate with Orlando: walking hand-in-hand along Disney Boardwalk with the one you love; going back to a really nice hotel room to hang “do not disturb” on the door (wink,wink). 

Over the years, I’ve learned how to create these amazing Orlando trips at hugely discounted prices. I’ve gotten quite good at it. I promised myself that I would show others how easily they can do the same.

Another passion of mine is storytelling. This is a skill of which I’m very good as well. I’ve combined those two passions, which is why I am at this crowdfunding site today. I’ll explain:

I’ve created an eBook series that effectively shows Orlando guests how to build 3 1/2-star vacations at 1-star prices. I call it “The Orlando Vacation I Deserve.” I’ve also written a very funny and poetic story. It’s about a modern day vampire who is in financial trouble and needs a job. It’s called “Hard Times Charles.”

After publishing these eBooks on my website, I’ve made a startling discovery: people don’t like to read!  So, I plan to turn my eBooks into video books. That way, people won’t have to read.  They can watch!

Hard Times Charles is my video book prototype project, and is the purpose of this crowdfunding campaign. I’m raising funds to produce a professional video book. Expenses include hiring animators, voice-over talent, someone who can create a video book that will play on both Macs and PCs, as well as a buffer for unforeseen expenses. I’d also like to get it translated into Spanish and French. Production of this video book will begin immediately. 

Because of my decision to follow my belief, I’ve had to live with no real income, no running water, no heat, lights, or air conditioning for months. Meals consisted of vienna sausages and Cup ‘o noodles everyday. The Repo man came for my car every night. I bathed and brushed my teeth in a public restroom.

Facing a looming foreclosure, I feared that police would bang on my door and force me out onto the street at any moment. Worst of all, I felt like all of my neighbors knew it. I literally began sneaking out of my own house at night so my neighbors wouldn’t see me come and go.

I am constantly told to give up my dream, and go back to that other unfulfilling life. I was told that if my plans haven’t worked by now, then they weren’t going to work. None of this has changed my resolve. The more I heard these things, the more stubborn and determined I became. I have since required my utilities, and I’ve upgraded from vienna sausages to hot dogs.  Be persistent, and things will work themselves out. Life is too short to waste doing something that is, at best, unsatisfying, and at worse, miserable. Do you agree?

I’m grateful for anything that you choose to donate. And for any donors who want a copy of the video book, I’ll email it to you free of charge when it’s done.  


Contact Information:

Terence Thomas

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