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Oct 12, 2015 9:51 AM ET

Archived: VROOMO: A platform to match car buyers and sellers in a new way which aims to eliminate the haggle and risk

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015


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Vroomo aims to bring to the UK a radical new model similar to what beepi, carvana, Vroom etc have brought to the states. The platform allows sellers to offer a 240 point independently pre-inspected car to buyers without the possible hassle of a used car sale. It aims to eradicate the transaction risks involved as well as the dangers associated with selling to a private individual.

Vroomo offers a minimum 3 months peace of mind warranty cover and History clear (HPI clear) on all its cars. The platform will aim to eradicate the need for countless hours answering calls from classified ads or entertaining strangers, buyers will be able to buy with more confidence as the information asymmetry will be reduced. Buyers will benefit by not having to spend countless amounts of money on numerous pre-inspection tests & visits on vehicles which may not pass the test. We believe that this will allow more clarity in the process as well as much needed convenience.


The peer to peer Economy is a relatively new market but it is having a big impact on society. Consumers now have access to several cost saving mediums and channels in order to increase the level of convenience or to better the service in an industry, just as Vroomo is aiming to.

– Problem –

When buying or selling a car with the aim of “quick cash” or “value”, in most cases, sellers are stuck with having to sell to a private consumer which will entail them going through channels such as classified sites. These classified sites however do not provide any security to the buyer or seller nor do they guarantee the value or condition of the vehicle. The level of value gotten through this medium for sellers is minimal which can lead them down the route of “online trade-in websites” offering “quick cash” and considerable “value” in contrast to the classified sites.
Trade-in websites however offer “trade-in prices” (and below) which is typically less than the “private price”. For buyers, they may be happy paying the “trade-price” which is lower than the “private price” however, there is normally a reason for this discount. The “trade-price” accounts for the higher associated risk-factor of buying a car that hasn’t been checked.

For example a customer will have to carry out pre-inspection checks and Hpi checks on numerous vehicles before they find one they like.They are likely to pay more in the end due to the possibility that the car is a written off vehicle, stolen or is a vehicle sold on finance which is still on British roads available for purchase. As a result of this we believe that a buyer will not only have to carry out provenance checks on prospective vehicles before purchase, we believe that they will also need to carry out pre-purchase inspections on numerous vehicles, before they finalise the transaction, whilst still arranging delivery.

– Solution –

Vroomo is aiming to eliminate the risks involved in this process whilst injecting convenience and value to it. Vroomo will aim to facilitate the sale of a used cars by certifying vehicles from private individuals with a good history and a pre-listing inspection in order to ascertain the true value of the vehicle. Vroomo lists the vehicles at the private price whilst taking care of delivery, paperwork and the entire transaction so buyer pay less and sellers get more.

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Vroomo has relationships with industry leading names in a bid to further reduce the information asymmetry in the used car buying process and increase value. Vroomo works with HPI, VVM logistics. DEKRA (who independently inspect over 23 million vehicles annually) and ZUTO (formerly know as carloan4u) and are in talks with the AA.

Vehicle inspections: DEKRA
Vehicle delivery: VVM logistics
pre delivery inspection: VVM logistics
Vehicle loan/ finance: ZUTO (formerly known as carloan4u)
Vehicle provenance check: HPI
Vehicle drive-away insurance: AVIVA(HPI)
Extended warranty: The AA
Breakdown cover: The AA

Vroomo has also successfully developed the software to integrate all parts of the business. Vroomo is FCA regulated and VAT registered.

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Seed investment is required to finance start-up costs which include working capital and marketing. Vroomo plans to continue its early stage growth whilst implementing better cost saving technology.

Start-up costs include:
• CRM implementation to automate the customer experience and to efficiently re-market Vroomo’s after-sales products as well as its vehicles.
• Sales, staffing and marketing.
• Fundraising fees.
• Corporate partnerships (Vroomo aims to patner up with leading lead providers in the industry such as review sites which.co.uk and valuation tools such as glass).

Contact Information:

Christian Nkwonta
Brynjar Hartmannsson
Mike Crocker
Erling Vignisson

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