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Oct 12, 2015 6:13 PM ET

Archived: This One Thing: Daniel exhausted his parents with countless questions, yet he learned not to ask all the questions in his head

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015

This One Thing


“There is no love in the gay world!” Daniel is told. “Be a servant in the world of cocks! That’s our religion! Cock is our God Almighty!”

Daniel cannot accept this philosophy. He longs for more.

Growing up without his emotionally unstable mother, Daniel is largely left to his own devices. His childhood insecurities deepen with the early recognition that he is gay, and he soon realizes that, because he is different, answers will have to come from within. He conceals his inner truths, but when in town, he secretly goes to the porn cinema and soon finds himself alone in a world of erotic fantasies. Although he fervently yearns to find true love, his insecurities propel him to choose solitude and the plain pleasures of anonymous sex, which so reliably protect him from being hurt and disappointed by others.

With the magic of an unexpected encounter, Daniel’s live begins to change. Although he has to face seemingly intractable prejudices, and even overt homophobia, the hardest battle of his life is to overcome his inner defenses as he tries to understand how to find love as a gay man.

This One Thing documents with great subtlety and nuance Daniel’s determined odyssey of self-discovery and growth in a world where being gay remains a challenge. The novel aspires to contribute to the legacy of insightful and heartfelt novels depicting an experience shared by gay men the world over, but it will inspire anyone who has ever loved or lusted or experienced loneliness—anyone, in short, who is human and has a heart.

What do critics say about This One Thing?

Before I decided to ask you for your support, I considered the remarks of my beta readers and also got reviews from professionals:  

Diane Donovan, senior reviewer for the Midwest Book Review, has written of This One Thing:

“Writings from gay authors aren’t unusual. Analysis from psychologists isn’t unique. But the combination . . . now, here’s something different. And in This One Thing, the marriage between the two stands out . . . with a story that chooses the novel format to capture the experience of being gay in a world where hidden prejudices and lives are a given . . . At every step the protagonist successfully carries readers along for the ride . . . It’s all about the magic of love and the growth of a gay man . . . This One Thing’s story line deftly captures the journey in an absorbing read especially recommended for readers of gay fiction.”

                           –Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

And the Kirkus Review wrote: 

“Maher capably handles pacing and suspense . . . a solid balance of drama, sex, and romance.”

                                                                      –Kirkus Reviews

Feedback from my beta readers:

  • I found the delicacy and sensitivity and astuteness with which you describe the subtle shifts in the characters’ interactions with each other to be unparalleled. My pace slowed down as I neared the end  . . . I did not want to let go of these characters and the world you had created.
  • A life of a gay man is depicted as it is. Exactly. It is amazing how you succeeded in putting my life, my feelings, and my thoughts into words. In a way you confirmed my existence. I found myself in Daniel’s story. I will remember your book when questions arise in my life.
  • Fresh and rich in observations, with interesting characters. I also liked the hot sex scenes.
  • Strong story, complex and authentic depictions of characters and interactions among them.
  • I laughed and I cried with Daniel. Couldn’t put it down. 
  • Edgy and spectacular descriptions of sexual identity development. Alone in the porn world!
  • Incredibly insightfully described how Daniel grows and outgrows himself. I learned a lot.
  • Enriching. I will read this again, for inspiration. I want more . . . What about Tonio’s return?
  • Beautifully written. Tenderness is an overarching emotion. I liked the poems. I will remember the atmosphere and the feeling in this book.

Notice: This is not my actual book cover – it is only a photo that symbolizes optimism and persistence. 

Please spread the word to your friends so they can also become a part of the This One Thing project!

Contact Information:

Damian Maher

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