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Oct 12, 2015 3:03 PM ET

Archived: Power Way HK Dev Ltd

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015

Power Way HK Dev Ltd

Power Way HK Dev Ltd Logo

Main activity in Power Way HK Development Ltd is product design and development for health monitoring and elderly Telecare markets based on everyday clothing

The Company business focus in product development for health monitoring, safety solution for outdoor sports and our children, also supported by a software solution for the elderly care market. We take the well-developed technology in the market and apply it with our innovations to make the best wearable/ durable and safe products in the market and be the best market leader. For example Heart Rate Monitor is available on a strip or as a smart watch, we have it integrated into your garment to be wore as your everyday clothes with comfortable and style. The Cloud service provide health assurance with vital body statistics collected to share with interested parties.

Products / Services

Wearable Technology Platform Solution

Wearable Technology Platform is based our solution/products on everyday clothing;
the advances in the wearable technology in the entertainment area has leads to miniaturisation of many health related body sensors, and created a multi-billion
dollar market. However it is a challenge to keep a number of devices connected while on the move and potential connection failure due to normal handling of the garment. Our program is to design electrical routing within a wearable garment, using fine highly conductive but super strong thread to connect various sensors together and to their power sources. The advantage of this approach is to have the conductors invisible and fully integrated into the clothing material. Making the garment comfortable to wear and with style but with performance to match (washable and durable).

Contact Information:

Joemanne Yeung

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