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Oct 12, 2015 8:34 AM ET

PetPartner The Ultimate Mobile Solution For Pet Parents and Pet Care Providers

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015

We live in a mobile age, where more and more of our lives are being taken care of on the go, through our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. But while there are mobile solutions for everything, from productivity to healthcare to grocery shopping, the pet care industry is more than a little behind the times.

Pet care providers’ lack of mobile connectivity is leaving them increasingly out of touch with their clients, costing them thousands of dollars in missed appointments, delayed scheduling and unresponsive customer service. But that’s all about to change, thanks to PetPartner. Our simple, user-friendly mobile application brings pet care providers everywhere into the 21st century, giving them the tools they need to stay connected with their clients — anytime and anywhere



PetPartner was created by Locai, Inc., a mobile software company with a simple mission: to build technology great enough for big business but tailored to small business. As pet lovers ourselves, we knew there was no industry where our passion for increasing connectivity would be more welcome than the pet care industry, so we’re dedicating ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to creating the ultimate mobile pet care solution: PetPartner.

For pet parents, PetPartner is a simple, streamlined way to manage your pet’s life anytime and anywhere, on the same device where you manage your own.

For pet care providers, PetPartner is an indispensable tool for maximizing connectivity with clients, and increasing client engagement and responsiveness.


… a user-friendly app that helps pet parents manage all their pet care needs simply and efficiently, with 24/7 appointment requests, previous and upcoming appointment reminders, vaccine histories, prescription refills, calendar integration and more!

… an automated reminder system that helps pet care providers remind clients of their upcoming appointments and when it’s time to book their next visit. For clients who aren’t yet mobile, you can send reminders via email, text message and even good old-fashioned snail mail!

… a simple but powerful communication tool that keeps you connected with all of your clients for unrivaled customer service.


More than 35 pet care providers are already using PetPartner to take their services mobile, and there’s no denying it: PetPartner gets results. Here are 2 examples of the difference PetPartner can make in just 3 months:

Market Street Vet Clinic
Market Street Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve the San Diego, CA area for everything pet-related. The clinic has a website and online pet portal, but joined PetPartner to extend their customer service to mobile.



Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe
Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe is a chic, retro grooming salon and pet boutique in Hillcrest, San Diego. The shoppe provides a unique and extravagant experience, and joined PetPartner to extend that unique experience to clients’ smartphones.



The PetPartner app is fully built for iOS and Android, and is already being used daily by our customers to maximize their client communication and engagement.

Clients of PetPartner locations are opening 75% of emails sent out (compared to the 18% standard in the industry). Our customers are seeing more than 30% of pet parent clients utilize the app every month (compared to the < 1% rates of online portals), and 40% of clients respond to the post appointment survey (compared to the 4% conversion rate in the industry).

PetPartner is excited to be partnering with leading companies in the pet care and pet retail industries to further increase our solution’s reach and effectiveness. Our partners include:


  • SmartPractice, one of the largest printing and client communication providers
  • VetMatrix, the #1 web solution in the pet care space
  • VetSource, one of the leading online veterinary pharmacies

There are many more exciting developments underway at PetPartner! Right now, we are primarily focused on growth and retention of our customer base. However, we are experimenting with some partner pilot programs to begin the process of adding mobile commerce capabilities to the PetPartner app, which would enable pet parents to purchase products and services for their pets directly through our app.

With the addition of our mobile commerce dimension, PetPartner will become a true one-stop-shop for all pet owners’ pet care needs, and help pet care providers everywhere provide truly comprehensive, connected service to their pet parent clients.


Taylor Cavanah is the CEO and founder of the PetPartner app. Previously, he co-founded Zyvex Instruments, which was sold to DCG Systems, and served as a Think Tank Futurist at Sony America. Taylor has a BA in Physics from Rice University and an MS in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas. He also serves as dog walker and human sized toy to Molly Sue.

Ken Tsui is the CTO and founder of the PetPartner app. He has a 10+ year track record of innovation, starting at BBRY in embedded systems, mobile devices and robotics. He holds 4 US patents, has authored 14 scientific publications, and has a BAsc in Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo. He is assisted by a remarkably good sounding board, his dog Bentley.


Contact Information:

Taylor Cavanah
Ken Tsui

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