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Oct 12, 2015 1:03 PM ET

Archived: A War On Homelessness – We Must Get Them Shelter

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015

A War On Homelessness – We Must Get Them Shelter

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Please Help Us As We Try to get a homeless shelter here in our city of Springfield Tn, This city offers No help what-so-ever for the homeless , they have a program where they keep you for one night and then send you far away and you must be a woman & pregnant , So that don’t really do anything. . So me and my wife took it upon our self to try and help them, So during the winter we took them blankets, a few nights a week a hot meal, we wish we could every Night , But it seems more and more are becoming homeless and with our Government who can say anymore right. well anyways they are here and i need my brothers & sisters help it’s become more than one man can fund, we can get them a building here in the city we already talked to the city about this, and we have even looked at a building but we have to have a 5,000 deposit . which we are on our way to also., and we will need to be able to get them hot meals, we have a place that said they work with us on helping us get beds cheap, so if the money just keeps coming in the more we can do and we can show our progress here, and i also want to add this, I do NOT get one cent of this money, I do this because i believe this is what the Lord Jesus Christ called me to do, , and to be a witness unto them, So to all you scoffers & mockers out there saying I am scamming people, , I’m sorry you have a sinful mind and would even think this, tells me that just because you would don’t mean everyone is like you, , Now if you want to give just let me know , cause i have had people donate and say this is for this and this much is for you and what you do, , If you wanna do that feel free , cause like i said i do NOT get one cent of this money unless you tell me hey this donation is for you, it most likely will end up going to the homeless either way so, lol, God Bless You All. . .I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ALL.  i was homeless once many years ago so i know how this feels. . and i know how hard it is in a city that offers no help for the ones down on their luck, , but with people like you we can change this, if you can not donate share this with everyone you know. . and may the grace of our lord Jesus Christ Be With You All. 

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Disciple Of Jesus Christ

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