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Oct 12, 2015 3:34 PM ET

Archived: A Roadtrip, a Camera and a Cloud: We will create awesome photo-narrative books that tell their stories and help them heal

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015

A Roadtrip, a Camera and a Cloud

The story of the project

So, in the beginning, another lifetime ago, this journey happened … and now it’s a beautiful coffee table photography book.
And it all began with a road trip, a camera, and a cloud.

I want to share the book with you, and my stories, but it’s more.

This is a “Crowd Funding” journey to learn the power of sharing, because my next campaign will happen thanks to you.

With your help, my community project work can continue.

Called “Focus on Community”, I will work with amazing people who have experienced challenging and extraordinary lives, such as mental illness, seeking asylum, and surviving other life adversities.

We will create awesome photo-narrative books that tell their stories and help them heal.

So, come with me on my journey, and let’s make a difference.


Please pledge to buy or sponsor my book and come with me on my Road Trip.

How the funds will be used

By producing “A Road Trip, a Camera and a Cloud” I am learning the craft of Crowd Funding so that my community project work can continue. When you purchase or sponsor “A Road Trip, a Camera and a Cloud”, your contribution will help cover some of the production costs.

The book is beautiful. It’s large (30cm X 30cm), with 96 photo-packed pages and some gentle murmurings and prose from my thoughts on many reflective days on the road. I have some awesome book designers, and they’ve made my book sing, but I will need some help to pay them. And the printing: It’s such a lovely book with beautifully processed photos and gorgeously designed layout, so I’m getting the printing properly done! So your contribution to the production costs will help pay for that too! Then there’s the bank and Pozible fees … and postage … But the bottom line is, when you pledge to buy or sponsor “A Road Trip, a Camera and a Cloud”, you will be beautifully rewarded – not just with your own copy but knowing that, with your help, my community project work can continue.

And as a sponsor, just so you know, here’s the cost breakdown:

Book layout and design: $3,900
Printing (500 copies): $13,167
Bank/Pozible fees: $1,000
Postage: $6,000
TOTAL: $24,067

Some of my other work

I’ve been a photographer for many years, with a background in community development. I’ve created a lovely process that combines the two, thus the photo-narrative approach I call “Focus on Community”.

Most of the work I’ve produced has been in support of social justice and well-being projects. People have amazing stories to share and it strengthens those around them to bear witness to those stories.

The unique thing I do with “Focus on Community” is teach photography skills to participants and we go on a journey together to bring their photo portraits and their stories together.

You can see my work here:
Web: www.focusoncommunity.org
Issuu: http://issuu.com/focusoncommunity/docs
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user12911422
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/focusoncommunity


It’s a beautiful book. Will enough people pledge to buy it? Will it attract enough genuine interest, in the right amount of time? Do you see value in supporting the development of on-going “Focus on Community” projects? The uncertainty is not knowing, but I’m committed to seeing these projects emerge and continue, so I have confidence you and I will find the way to support these important community projects. Together.

And the earlier you pledge, the better it will be for us to reach our goals.

Contact Information:

Deanna Neville

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