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Oct 12, 2015 8:57 AM ET

Archived: A 4-year-old’s Portrait of the American West: A book of photos made by 4-year-old Hawkeye Huey: youngest National Geographic photographer and Rolling Stone’s top 100 on Instagram.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2015


In April of 2014, when Hawkeye Huey was four years old, his father (National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey) bought him his first camera. Over the next 18 months the two made a series of adventures, traveling together around the American West making photographs, meeting strangers, chasing light, and learning how to see. They climbed Salvation Mountain, went into the chutes at the Cody Night Rodeo, visited the markets of the Navajo Nation, and cruised the Las Vegas strip. Between the ages of four and five Hawkeye took nearly a thousand instant photos. Many of those photographs and their journey were shared on an Instagram account created for Hawkeye.  Now in the hands of his father, these photographs will become a book.

It began simply enough: a father and son going on their first big trip away from Mom. They headed from Seattle, to the Salton Sea in Southern California, to make (and sleep), in blanket forts in the desert. On the drive south Aaron bought Hawkeye an analog camera, like the cameras of his own youth. He chose that camera partly out of nostalgia for film and the scarcity of physical images today, but also because he didn’t want to see a four-year-old learn about making photographs by holding his finger on the touchscreen of an iPhone (until the device was filled with hundreds of photos of nothing).

He wanted to find a way to slow down the process. To make each frame mean something. To make it about meeting people, for each frame to become an interaction. And so it was.

Aaron and Hawkeye’s adventures have earned international recognition: for both the collection of photography and for the lessons of this father-son adventure in creative and engaged parenting.

The Instagram account they used to share this journey has well over 100,000 followers, and Hawkeye has been named to Rolling Stone’s top 100 Instagramers, and Time magazine’s 50 Instagram accounts to follow, and his photos have inspired online stories from National Geographic Proof to the Huffington Post.

“Hawkeye has a unique and captivating perspective” [Rolling Stone]

“No doubt, Hawkeye has a bright future in photography ahead of him.” [TIME]


Given the essential role that physical experience and media played in this project, it is only fitting that its final manifestation should be in a physical form as well. 

In that first set of photos Hawkeye laid out on the floor of a tent camp we could see a series of images filled with flaws, and smiles, and with body parts cut off. The images were neither perfectly sharp, nor were they able to be blown up to eight feet wide for maximum effect in a gallery. Hawkeye’s images were not yet influenced by Robert Frank, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, or Bill Allard. 

Though Hawkeye created without influence, his father has very consciously placed this collection of images alongside a long list of legends in the well-trodden tradition of documenting the American West. Hawkeye has no concept of that, nor does he need to. He does not participate in those aesthetic debates or judgements. He doesn’t have a history and he doesn’t have an influence. He is busy with Legos. We hope that this collection of his images and the journey he took with his father will help you to see the genius of the creative vision that is inherent in all children.

Soon, if all goes as planned, you will be holding this book in your hands. You will smell it’s crisp pages and fresh ink. It will become dented and worn after years of being passed from hand to hand, and if you color on it with crayons, it won’t wipe off. 

Through the creation of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS, Aaron and Hawkeye will close out this project so that they may move onto the next:Future Machines. What exactly is a Future Machine you ask? Stay tuned . . . after this project funds, you just might find out. 


This is first and foremost an effort to publish and share this book and this vision for teaching children.  This is not a fundraiser for Hawkeye Huey. That said, if the goal if far surpassed, then the proceeds that reach beyond Outsider’s operations costs (design, editing, printing, storage, shipping, assembly, and contractor work for web, social, and fulfillment of these orders, etc, ) will go into an untouchable account for Hawkeye Huey’s future education and creative endeavors.

AND If we make our stretch goal of $250,0000 we will hire an engineer and/or scientist to build a “Future Machine” of Hawkeye’s design & choosing that is ACTUALLY FUNCTIONAL.



  • Photographs by: Hawkeye Huey
  • Edited by: Aaron Huey
  • Release Date: 2/1/2016
  • Page count: 156
  • Size: 8.25″ x 11.25″


  • $5 or more: Our eternal gratitude! Plus campaign updates and an invitation to join us for the book launch in Seattle this Spring (you will be able to buy a book at the party).
  • $10 or more: A Hawkeye Huey postcard signed by Aaron & signature-stamped by Hawkeye in the ink color/s of his choice. Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
  • $25 or more: A Kickstarter exclusive box set of 12 postcard images from COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS  Estimated delivery: Early December (Christmas/Holiday presents!!!)
  • $55 or more: One Hard-cover, first-edition copy of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS. Estimated delivery: Spring 2016
  • $75 or more: One Hard-cover, first-edition copy of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS -PLUS-A boxed set of 12 postcards of portraits and landscapes of the American West photographed by Hawkeye Huey on his instant camera. Estimated delivery: Spring 2016
  • $100 or more: One hardcover, first-edition copy of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS for you + one hardcover book sent to a school or library of your choice. If you don’t designate a recipient, we’re happy to choose one for you!  Shipping is free in the USA. Estimated delivery: Spring 2016
  • $200 or more: LIMITED EDITION of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS. This boxed set includes: • A hardcover, first-edition copy of the book • A limited edition print (8.25″ x 11.25″) • Book is numbered and signature-stamped by Hawkeye Huey • Edition of 100 with your choice of 6 possible print options. Shipping is free in the USA. Estimated delivery: Spring 2016
  • $500 or more: The SUPER LIMITED EDITION of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS. This boxed set includes: • A hardcover, first-edition copy of the book • A one-off signed, ORIGINAL polaroid • Book is numbered and signed by Hawkeye Huey • Edition of 60. Shipping is free in the USA.  Estimated delivery: Spring 2016
  • $2,000 or more: One hardcover, first-edition copy of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS plus a one-hour portrait session with Hawkeye Huey (and Aaron) anywhere in the Seattle area. You’ll shoot for one roll of film, and then enjoy some ice-cream. Delivery of this reward is flexible–we can accommodate your scheduling needs & seasonal desires.


Hawkeye is now five years old. He likes to draw catapults & build Lego spaceships & karate chop random sticks in the backyard. He just started kindergarten, and is already pretty good at math. Last year he signed a contract to became National Geographic Creative’s youngest photographer ever. This will be his first book.


Aaron Huey is a National Geographic Photographer (having shot 27 stories for NG publications), a Harper’s Magazine Contributing Artist, and a Stanford d.School 2015/16 Media Designer.  He is also a wearer of Gold Shoes, a Climber of Rocks, a Father, a Husband, and a Maker.

Huey is widely known for his 3,349 mile, solo walk across America (with his dog Cosmo). The 2002 journey lasted 154 days. There was no media coverage. They walked everystep. Following the walk Huey took a 2 1/2 year hiatus from shooting photos to build an artist in residence program (Hueyhaus), from the ground up, on the Pecos River east of Santa Fe.

Huey’s previous books include Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) by Radius Books, and Where The Heaven Flowers Grow: the Life and Art of Leonard Knight by Outsider Books.  His work is represented by Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles.


Outsider Books was founded in 2014 by Aaron Huey and Ali Geiser with the dedicated purpose of transcending both time & space. They operate out of a cedar shed in Seattle and a garage in the Rocky Mountains, and their limited and trade edition books include art by the likes of Leonard Knight and Shepard Fairey.


Perhaps you are not going to buy your copy of COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS today.  Please don’t let that stop you from sharing this project with your friends, family, and community! BIG THANKS AND MUCH LOVE!


Contact Information:

Outsider Books

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